SANAA win Pritzker Prize


Dezeenwire: Japanese architects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa of SANAA have been chosen as the 2010 Laureates of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, the prize's website has announced.

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  • Obscurity

    Congratulations on winning the Pritzker Prize, and thanks to you, SANAA, for your contributions to the global community with products of your creative talents. I believe your architectural projects have appealed to many people solely because they can discover their aspiration for higher aesthetic values expressed in them. You have given shapes to what we modern city dwellers all enshrine within ourselves: and that is something universal and innate…. That one of the Award Winner duo is a woman adds a special reason, at least for me, to be proud of you.

  • m

    Like last year, a very deserved winner

  • Sarah

    congrats to the duo. If I may I would suggest this awesome read :