Garrote by Sruli Recht


Fashion designer Sruli Recht of Iceland has sent us his movie Garrote, which features a necklace from his latest collection apparently used to strangle a woman. Watch the movie »

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Posted on Wednesday March 31st 2010 at 1:59 pm by . Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • Matthias

    I barely made it to the half of the movie. It was so hopelessly sick AND boring.
    Save that piano wire for yourself, Sruli.

  • Seeing this movie on a big screen inside of his gallery (The Amory) and being able to see the necklace immediately after was a memorable experience. This was a great collaboration of art.

  • Nelson



    You Know that this is wrong on so many levels. I am VERY liberal on my views of what Art is. This is just TRASH, show this to your Mother your wife your daughter and be proud of yourself.

  • deedee


  • geir

    beautiful and haunting

  • bta

    What a loser. Sad, old attention seeker, this kind of shock factor been used to get attention for something far too cheap to make a statement itself, by talentless idiots.
    BOO you

  • Bridget

    This is beautiful, strong and intense! Might not appeal to those who prefer pretty airbrushed jewelry-models, but who hasn’t seen enough of that…

    Well done, where can I see photos (and buy) the necklace? Why have I never heard of “Sruli Recht” before??

  • Estelle

    Oh for gods sake calm down Nelson, you’ll burst an artery.

    The film is intense and disturbing and yet I still found it quite beautiful. We are confronted everyday with a variable smörgåsbord of violence, often gratuitous, sometimes subtle and occasionally in the name of art. We have no problem looking at films or video games that depict worse scenes of violence than this. What baffles me though is the film is called ‘Garrote’, what did you think you were going to be looking at? or didn’t you know the meaning of the word? Were you perhaps expecting bunny’s and daisy chains?

  • jeremy

    nelson – seconded

  • Not big and not clever. :(

    DO yourselves a favour and remove this totally irresponsible and artless rubbish from your site.

    I love Dezeen and visit it several times a day but keep posting crap like this and I will soon stop coming and go get my design fix elsewhere.

  • Sybilla

    I can see why some people find this disturbing. It evokes emotions they don’t know how to deal with and this will keep them from looking further than just the literal images.

    I see scorching passion in fascinatingly erotic movements. I see the ambiguity of submission in a woman’s heart & mind because the very thing that adorns her, could strangle her next. The ties that make us beautiful will also bind us. Is that terror or ecstasy on her face?

    What the necklace itself means to me: We Are Earthbound But In Dreams We Fly.

  • craig

    Ian, srsly?

    I see topless women and asses on your site in the advertising column.
    Dezeen is a free forum… but you being paid to have that ‘content’ on your site.

    oh… and of course
    not artless rubbish?

  • Georgie

    really disappointing that violence against women is seen as art, and sad to see misogyny so flagrantly exhibited on this site.

  • Craig

    Why are you comparing the displays of sexuality or nudity on my site with the misogynistic violence against women depicted in this video..?

    Whatever your feelings about the use of sexually provocative imagery in advertising, the depiction of physical violence against women to promote a product is a totally separate issue.


  • David

    I'm late to the game, but just saw this video. Rape has been depicted in various forms of artistic media for centuries and many pieces are beautiful classics (eg. Rape of the Sabine Women). I'm not opposed to such depictions, and I believe this movie, taken as a movie alone, is quite beautiful. However, Sruli Recht uses it to sell a commodity, and I think a film depicting violence against a woman in order to sell a product is revolting and in the poorest taste.