Spring Table by Tb & Ajakay


Stockholm designers Tb & Ajakay have collaborated with Karl-Johan Hjerling and Karin Widmark to create a table, where layers of the plywood top appear to burst apart and curl around one end.

The designers have also created a writing desk where the same birch frame holds together layers of leather, brass and birch.

Photos are by Alexander Pihl.

Here's a little text from the designers:

With Spring Collection our aim is to restrain and remold with different techniques. Using common materials such as wood, metal, paper, rock, cork, leather and fabric, we creat our own interpretation and a new expression. The final shape of the objects are where the materials limitations and our design are brought together.

Spring Desk is a composition of three different materials forced together in a number of layers, in a new kind of sandwich material. Spring Table is made out of thin layers of molded birch plywood. They create a solid tabletop that break free in one end and form separate bends.

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  • designgurunyc

    Spring desk is a nightmare waiting to happen. It’s going to be clumsy wherever it sits, practically impossible to clean and will break very easily. But as these designers know it is an interesting starting point and the 2nd table pictured here is actually very interesting, and the idea, I’m sure will evolve further from here. Can’t wait to see what follows!

  • Zaedrus

    It’s very cool graphically.
    Not so sure I’d want it furniturically.

  • marl karx

    i ask the point.

  • oh i love this!

  • i like it, except for the curly end. turns a sweet table into an impractical one…like the top version better!

  • wow! amazing …I like the ideas and stuffs they used.

  • isla

    ahmm i like the black model, but thr brown one is kind of useless isn’t it?

  • horrible haridas

    o god, why? W-H-Y?

  • I’ve been long time thinking to develop a table based on layers… working layers where each can store papers/ sketches etc. of different projects. So far I have not done anything..

    I see now this table and I like it a lot.. one thing I would suggest is rounding the edges of the sheets a little
    Very nice work :)

  • So I bought this table the other day, and I swear, I SWEAR I TELL YOU, that when i got it it was flat, like a table should be. Then after having a nice dinner on it, I went to bed and awoke the next morning to find this!

  • slater

    Looking at the last image specifically, is there an opportunity to eliminate the set of legs on the right hand side and instead have a clamp/clasp piece holding the layers together and then the large bend can support the top? just a thought. Nice work.

  • yox brox

    no comment.

  • tiny_architect

    funny object to owe, to look, to store your work
    – but none will perform sex on it!

  • Rik

    I’ve been looking at this table for quite some time now. The more I see it the more it seems unfit to serve as a table. And the uglier it gets, what áre those sides for anyways.

  • it has a jester-y feel :)

  • mm

    I want to see books and magazines stored in the curls! give it meaning and purpose!

  • t

    the black one seems to be a timid iteration of the brown one… which is fantastic! (the natural wood one that is)

  • antonius

    This table? Its a like a shoe where the sole is getting loose. What’s the point?

  • Konga

    I’d done this years ago. I left a plywood table I’d made in the rain. Next day… looked just like it.

  • cabinetmaker

    Just curious why some one would by a table that someone obviously didn’t bother finishing of. Like “Hagh never mind that end piece, we will call it design and people might actually pay more for it”. This approach could add a whole new dimension to my business…. Anyone for some half-finished chairs or cabinets???

  • Japr

    so the beauty of the product is kept in the curls of birch foils, brought right fron the woodshop. ok. this is not furniture design, but photo shooting set production, which is fine. so probably the mistake is not in the poor and sad design, but in the miscomunication of a nice photo set ambientation.

  • jlen

    Can some one tell me what ‘furniturically’ means?

  • jlen

    Errr and Japr, i have a feeling the mistake isn’t in the ‘sad’ design, are you being ironic by using ‘miscomunication’ and made up words in the same sentence?