Time Lines by Denis Guidone for Nava


Milan 2010: Milan designer Denis Guidone has created a watch where criss-crossing lines meet the edges of the face.

Called Time Lines, the design will be shown at the NAVA Design flagship store in Milan next week.

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The following text is from Guidone:

Nava continues to draw the time with strict irrationality breaking up once again the rules of the traditional reading of the time.

Time Lines is characterized by the improper use of lines that, apparently positioned at random, create instead a dialogue with the clock face, determining and indicating the exact time.

It will be shown during Milan design week at the flagship store NAVA design via durini 23 Milan from 14 April 2010.

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  • i would feel confused with all the lines going in every other direction, but it still looks pretty cool :)

  • DamDesign

    Black with white hands… Love it!

  • The_Architext


  • YBaggili

    Awesome concept… execution… and detailing!
    Particularly love the seconds-hand…
    And, the green one would look so cool if it glows at night, lol!

  • Maria

    It’s nice and ‘designy’ but like sculptasticdelight I think I’d be confused when reading the time due to the background graphic.

  • neuhaus

    Nice watch, unfortunately I found the logo on the face distracting and made it look very 80’s.