The Copper Collection by Aldo Bakker
at Thomas Eyck


Milan 2010: Dutch designer Aldo Bakker will present a series of copper objects at Spazio Rossana Orlandi Milan next week, including this tubular watering can.

The collection comprises a stool, soy pourer, candle holders, mixing bowl, saucepan and a watering can.

The objects will be presented by Dutch gallery Thomas Eyck at Spazzio Rossana Orlandi.

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Thomas Eyck presents "the copper collection" by aldo bakker
with support of the zuiderzeemuseum enkhuizen

Thomas Eyck introduces "the copper collection", a new collection designed by Aldo Bakker. "The copper collection" consists of different objects based on the contemporary handwriting of Bakker in perfect harmony with traditional and new production techniques. Bakker allows his products to take shape on the basis of analysis so that they can question their usage and, where necessary, give rise to new rituals or break existing patterns. This fresh and innovative approach by Aldo Bakker to very old and new techniques like moulding, galvanising and lacquering has resulted in an astonishing collection comprising a stool, watering can, soy pourer, candleholders, mixing bowl, and saucepan.

The approach of Aldo Bakker (1971, Amersfoort, Netherlands) can best be described as designing from the inside out. He aims to evoke interaction with his public on multiple senses. Haptic experiences caused by texture, depth, mirroring and weight. His tools of influence are his outspoken love for materials and his never-ending determination to understand various craftsmanship's. Combined with his tameless urge for perfection, his objects lack a typical 'handmade' impression, even contrarily. The almost endless process of their realisation give them a sense of 'inhuman' belonging, questioning their own existence.

Thomas Eyck is a publisher and distributer of characteristic and exclusive contemporary design products. Keywords in the philosophy off his company are: care, attention and love for material, technique and design.

Thomas Eyck works together with designers of his own choice. In his view the union of design and material, and a careful process of product development from the first idea until the 'finishing touch' are very important. The collection of Thomas Eyck will develop slowly by commissioning one carefully chosen designer to design a series of products each year. Material and techniques will be chosen with the utmost care, and the company will only cooperate with the best craftsmen and producers. In this way series of products in different materials will be created.

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Posted on Sunday April 11th 2010 at 10:39 am by Brad Turner. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • love the watering can. however a couple of the
    others from the ‘collection’ (soy pourer & mixing bowl)
    are confused in their aim at being simplistic; the result
    is something that is too busy.

  • Tom

    Very original… An a great new take on a material usually only applied in the design of more ‘rustic’ items…


  • Love the copper design home decor items! Copper is going to make a huge splash in interior design.

  • Alberto Aristione

    The products are amazing. I love the watering can.
    I agree with the Rutland i think Copper is going to make a huge impression in the interior design.
    I saw delightfull this week in Milan design week and i love the products and the attenttion on the detail. I think they are going in right path.

    Dezeen is my inspiration when i need.
    Keep the good work.