Are you stuck in Milan?


Dezeenwire: we're trying to help people who are stuck in Milan to get home. Follow Marcus on Twitter for updates: Please also tweet Marcus your experiences, tips and requests for help and we'll do our best to assist. Safe travels everyone.

Posted on Monday April 19th 2010 at 2:31 pm by . Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • Prof Z.

    No i’m not there as I saw clouds in the future…

  • I was stuck.
    Got back to London on a Mini Bus from Milan: Como/Cernobbio, Switzerland, France – Calais. From there a friend picked us up, took the Euro Tunnel to London. 15 hours all together.

  • Lauren and Jake

    We were stuck in Milan.
    Don’t give up on the trains; there are “extraordinary” trains to Paris and we lucked out and managed to get on one. We had to get back to Brussels to catch a flight, but now Jake just has some more vacation time as all the flights are canceled for about a week. Indefinitely. Long vacations!!

  • belief

    got out in a rental car. none were left for one way trips so I said I’d bring it back. it worked, and the company charged some 150 EUR extra when they had to bring it back themselves from northern europe.

  • Fish fingers

    eurostar are putting on extra trains- keep an eye on their site.

  • Lord D

    I was stuck and did the following
    Train to Zurich, then another to Brussels. Taxi to Calais and took the ferry. then a train from Dover back to the airport to collect my car. Easy enough, got back in about 24 hours