Competition: five copies of Great British Food
by Canteen to be won


We've teamed up with London restaurant Canteen to offer our readers the chance to win one of five copies of Great British Food - the eatery's first collection of British recipes.

The cookbook features 120 modern classic British dishes, opening with the All Day Breakfast and featuring a variety of Canteen's signature pies.

See our earlier story about the Canteen furniture designed by London studio Very Good and Proper, founded by Canteen co-owner Patrick Clayton-Malone.

This competition is now closed.

Five winners will be selected at random and notified by email. Winners’ names will be published in a future edition of our Dezeenmail newsletter and at the bottom of this page. Dezeen competitions are international and entries are accepted from readers in any country.

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Here's more about the book:

Great British Food
Cass Titcombe, Patrick Clayton-Malone And Dominic Lake, Foreword By Giles Coren

‘I can’t remember feeling quite so enthused and invigorated by a catering venture – saying to myself, “here is progress”’
– Fay Maschler

Canteen took the London restaurant scene by storm in 2005. Here was a restaurant championing proper British food – Devilled Kidneys on Toast, Potted Duck, Pork Pies, and Treacle Tart – with passion and pride. Their no nonsense, modern meets classic menu has brought good British cooking to the high street once more.

Unapologetically nostalgic, their first, eagerly anticipated cookbook is a splendidly comforting collection of 120 British recipes, paying homage to their signature dishes and resurrecting the country’s honourable tradition of affordable honest food.

With chapters dedicated to classic British institutions, the book opens with the ‘All Day Breakfast’, recipes ranging from Rhubarb Compote with Yoghurt and Granola, to their soothing Hot Buttered Arbroath Smokies. Canteen champion their signature dish, the unassuming pie, with varieties from the time-honoured Steak and Kidney, to some more adventurous and inspiring creations such as their Duck, Chestnut and Prune, or Squash, Chard and Sage pies. The sweet dishes are similarly irresistible – the trio include recipes for their Apple Brandy Syllabub and Blackcurrant Jelly with Ice-cream, as well as dishes such as a Chocolate Beetroot cake or Cheesecake with Hazelnut Brittle.

Canteen is hugely popular with people of all ages, who simply love good food. And with people keen to cook simple, economical and hearty family meals ‘like Grandma used to make’, Canteen’s modern classics could not be more timely.

‘It’s dinner that doesn’t set out to flatter, flirt, astonish or show off, but rather to welcome, comfort and nourish’ – AA Gill, The Sunday Times
Harnessing the energy and passion behind the successful restaurant group, this collection of recipes encapsulates all that Canteen stands for – unpretentious and deeply flavoursome food. Featuring original photography and innovative design, the content of the book reflects the team’s devotion to quality and excellence in everything that they do. By celebrating their modern take on traditional recipes in this stylish collection, Great British Food looks set to be the most talked-about cookbook of 2010.

ebury press, 4 march, £16.99 hbk

About The Authors

CASS TITCOMBE is head chef and co-owner of Canteen. Having grown up on his parent’s smallholding in Wales, Cass set up and was head chef at The Real Eating Company in Brighton. He also worked with the team behind Daphne’s in South Kensington, the Collection and Pasha. He has recently been appointed to British Airways’ Taste Team, alongside the likes of Michel Roux
Jr and Shaun Hill, and will be creating a seasonal Canteen dish that will be served on all BA flights.

PATRICK CLAYTON-MALONE is also co-owner of Canteen, and is involved with the design and business side of the franchise. His previous work spans out broadly, from event planning and promotion, to running a video production and editing company. Patrick launched his own visionary design studio, ‘Very Good & Proper’, in 2009, its designs often echoing the Canteen philosophy of utilitarian yet stylish design.

DOMINIC LAKE is a co-founder of Canteen. The desire to build on a passion for business and food, combined with a chance meeting with Patrick, led Dominic to realise it was time for a change. A business concept quickly followed and many months later Canteen opened its doors in Spitalfields Market. With four restaurants in the group Dominic is focused on the operations and development of the business.


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Congratulations to our winners! Francalma Nieddu in Germany, Giorgio Gibiino in Italy, Annie Wang in the USA, Nihal Basar in Turkey and Magdalena Szerla in the UK.

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  • Selj

    224 pages!
    I thought “Great British Food” was the world’s shortest book.

  • Jan

    really cool competition.. i loove coooking :)

  • darwin

    I didn’t know that there’s great british food. To me England’s cuisine is missing something. This seems to be nicely documented by the photographs.
    As well ‘Canteen’ is very misleading as it further underlined my impressions.

    Is this meant to be a hoax?

  • modular

    British food is “yucky”. Sorry people! You know it’s true!!!!

  • @Selj: LOL. I’m glad you got to that joke before I did. It’s right behind “Great German Comedy” and “Great Italian Philosophers.”

  • tromb

    it is a collection of fairy tales….

    and Gordon Ramsey is the best prison chef in the world (f…k!)


  • Will

    Good brit food exists; check out St John or Hereford Rd

  • chrisR

    There’s plenty of good English food……sometimes the execution is a little lacking. Next time I’m in London I will definitely seek out Canteen. I pray their ingredients are local (as much as can be) that would make it truly special.

  • David

    The history of USA, Italian Heroes and British Food are the shortest books probably : ) there is a fat mistake here I guess. Cheers

  • C.A

    Modular, looks like you haven’t been to UK for long time then. I’m not from UK, but have say that food is good.
    I would say that average Brit doesn’t cook well and don’t care much about it, but if well done by chefs who care – food is good.

  • willem

    great british food
    means nothing more than
    food from great britain

  • jack the ripper

    all due respect , the Uk has changed a lot since the eighties.

    there is plenty of respectable food around ..

    in fact , England is very good at realising its shortcomings and come up quickly with good solutions.

    as a french and difficult person, I defy anyone to criticise british food

    unless you are narrowminded of course …

  • Matthew long

    About time that made a book, grate place to go on a date!!

  • Claude Remains

    So many hackneyed and lazy responses re. the British Food thing.
    It’s like Americans’ obsession with ‘bad English teeth’. Outdated and untrue. (And I’d rather have British teeth than a face full of veneers that look like car headlights, incidentally.)
    London has, without doubt, the best restaurants in the world. Bar none. And for every greasy spoon serving (dare I say it) delicious fry-ups, there is an astounding gastro pub serving what is probably the best meal in the world, bar none – the Great British roast.
    Give me Great British food over any other, any day.

  • Sabir

    I understand most Britons like Indian Food and I belong to the sub-continent. Most restaurants there I hear are owned and run by people of my country :)

    Having said that Food is food and every country has their signature on their food and must be good.


  • I am British via Jamaica (my parents)… Born and raised here.

    To say british food is rubbish is an insult, culturally Britain is
    the most multi cultural county on this planet (i dare anyone to
    challenge this!) and for this british food has changed for the
    better… To say the Italians, or the french have it better is old hat!

    I have eaten food in countries all over this planet and while
    i have enjoyed my meals, something in me is always glad to
    come home…

    It’s simple… do your research!