Competition: five pairs of Reykjavik Eyes
spectacles to be won


Dezeen have got together with designer and optician Gunnar Gunnarson of Icelandic spectacle company Reykjavik Eyes to give away five pairs of their titanium spectacle frames.

The frames are made of a single sheet of titanium and feature no screws, joints or hinges.

They're available in eight styles and three matt colours for each style.

Select the pair you would like to win from the Reykjavik Eyes website and let us know your preferred spectacles and colour in your competition entry (see below).

This competition is now closed.

Five winners will be selected at random and notified by email. Winners’ names will be published in a future edition of our Dezeenmail newsletter and at the bottom of this page. Dezeen competitions are international and entries are accepted from readers in any country.

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Here's more info about Reykjavik Eyes:

Reykjavik Eyes

Reykjavik Eyes has been conceived by Icelandic frame designer Gunnar Gunnarsson, who, as a practicing optician is all too aware of the problems of conventional spectacle frames.

From lenses falling out due to loose screws and frames being twisted or broken from everyday knocks and bumps to the general discomfort of heavy frames Gunnar recognised a need to reinvent this complex devise.

The culmination of several years designing, testing and refining is Reykjavik Eyes. Taking ‘less is more’ to its ultimate conclusion, Gunnar has created a frame whose purity in design yields inspiring, simple, truly contemporary eyewear for men and women.

Reykjavik Eyes is designed for a discerning customer whose interpretation of style goes beyond fashion. Minimalist in form and nature the frames are softly spoken and fluent in sophistication. The range offers a choice of eight unisex styles, each available in three contemporary colour ways. Enhancing the simplicity in design, complimentary matt shades, inspired by the wonders of nature, have been paired to give an appealing, double-sided finish. Capturing the spectacular qualities of Scandinavia, from expert design through to the amazing landscape, Reykjavik Eyes are the Northern Lights of eyewear.

  • The range comprises 8 unisex styles in sizes ranging from 50 to 57 eye, providing options for multifocals.
  • Each style is available in a choice of three contemporary matt colour ways.
  • The frames are constructed from flexible, lightweight beta titanium to provide a comfortable fit.
  • To maximise performance and durability the frames are innovatively designed with no screws or hinges.
  • The frame design is currently ‘patent pending’.
  • Polycarbonate or high index lens (1.6/1.7) recommended with standard groove. No extra tooling required.
  • Award winning design – Reykjavik Eyes has been awarded the ‘Universal Design Award 2009’ and ‘Reddot design Award’ for ‘Product Design 2009’.

Congratulations to our winners! John S Clark in the USA, Yumeng Chan in the UK, Rolf Ruge in Costa Rica, Johannes Schotanus in Denmark and Oygar Erdal in Turkey.

Posted on Thursday April 22nd 2010 at 1:01 pm by Brad Turner. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • need some new ones anyway – looking forward to win them ;-)

  • Francesca Preguerra

    They are very beautiful, slim, light. The model I prefer is MR9, dark chocolate colour, which seems a little more feminine than the others. It would be great to win a pair of those spectacles !!

    F. Preguerra

  • jovel

    i want one.. i wear glasses

  • Quattro

    These look great. Very simple but very clever, I like them! Apart from looking very cool, it’d be fantastic to have a pair of specs which didn’t become loose or lose its screws. Fingers crossed I win a pair! If not, I wonder where I can buy them from?

  • Ciara O’Reilly

    These are lovely would love to win a pair :)

  • bona

    Iceland, these better be volcanic ash – resistant!!!!

  • Valeria

    Do want!

  • Nav

    Simple and stylish. Nice

  • a designer

    exciting simplicity!

  • I’d really love to have the MR9 in Gold!

  • mutoka

    Beautiful, sleek and stylish! I’m actually looking for a new pair, and these look like the perfect match! Keeping fingers crossed…

  • ber

    They don’t seem to be foldable – or am I wrong?

  • Robbie

    These have to be the most solid sleek designed glasses I have seen in a very long time.

  • Mayank

    Have been wearing glasses since I was 12. These are by far the best glasses I have ever tried. Extremely comfortable and lightweight, brilliant design. Wanted to get MR17/21. Maybe I can win them !!!

  • mr12 is the best! in dark chocolate :)

  • Jesse

    Hmmh, have a look to Here is the original concept.