Alphabet City Lights by JDS Architects


JDS Architects have designed a street lamp for Italian brand Ewo that allows light to escape through perforations in its stem.

Called Alphabet City Lights, the project aims to create a series of configurations that can be adapted according to surroundings.

The project was shown at Light+Building in Frankfurt earlier this month.

Here are some more details from Ewo:

'The Alphabet' is the name of the first joint project between ewo, the manufacturer of superior-quality lighting systems, and the inter-disciplinary team at JDS ARCHITECTS.

The idea here was to develop a lighting system, which in terms of both form and technical specifications, meets project requirements.

Julien De Smedt, JDS ARCHITECTS: "Different places and spaces should be lit differently. How to adapt lighting to places without always changing design? This lamppost family functions as an alphabet of light, where each configuration is a new letter to light up a specific context. The design is almost invisible, just a simple round steel profile perforated randomly to let let some light come out. The addition of elements composes the shape of the lamppost in an infinite range of combination to adapt to the light’s surrounding requirements."

Founded in 1996, ewo develops and produces high-quality, individual lighting systems for indoor and outdoor areas. ewo is the leader in its field and offers competent lighting consultation, innovative lighting solutions and individual design. Their product range is always being further developed using suggestions from creative architects and lighting engineers. Technical competence and precision in all areas are among the company’s maxims. ewo luminaires are produced using the finest technical expertise and particularly high-quality metals, which retain their original brilliance for decades and in doing so stand for quality and longevity.

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  • pi


  • The little girl runs whimpering to her mother….. “Mommy, there’s aliens over there, like in that bad movie with Tom Cruise!” she says, sobbing uncontrollably. The mother decides to investigate pulling the child with her. “Oh darling, see I told you it wasn’t an alien proboscis, its only a street light and the design is to be commended.” she said, patting her on the head.
    “I don’t understand you mommy, put that design handbook down.”

  • Not necessarily an original concept but the execution is just perfect. These are beautiful. I love the satin finish and arrangement of perforations.