Sonnenhof by J Mayer H


Construction is underway in Jena, Germany, on four office and residential buildings by Berlin studio J Mayer H Architects.

Called Sonnenhof, the project is arranged around a courtyard.

Half the site is given over to public space, where polygonal flower beds continue the theme of the buildings' facades.

Here's some text from the architects:

"Sonnenhof" Construction Now Underway

A ceremony on April 16 marked the official groundbreaking of "Sonnenhof", a landmark development consisting of four new office and apartment buildings extending over several allotments in the historic center of Jena, Germany. Spanning over approximately half of the lot, the four-building complex leaves a large part of the space open for public use during the day, permitting a free flow of pedestrian traffic across the area. The buildings, situated on the edges of the lot, frame a small, urban courtyard typical to medieval city structures. Passages between the individual buildings connect them to the surrounding public-use areas, making it an important junction in the urban network.

The mixed-use concept supporting a small scale, flexible use scenario facilitates a seamless integration into the existing urban fabric, while the design of the outer buildings takes up the geometry of the polygonal shapes in the facade, continuing their graphics across the floor. The resulting surfaces are often extended and "programmed" into the third dimension, forming a sculptural set of wedges and steles integrating such functional elements as flower beds, ventilation openings, seating and lighting fixtures and thus transforming the open areas into attractive, urban leisure spaces.

Project: Sonnehof Jena
Location: Jena, Germany
Architect: J Mayer H Architects, Berlin
Client: Wohnungsgenossenschaft "Carl Zeiss" eG, Jena
Total Floor Area: approx. 10.000 m2
Design Start: 2008
Construction Period: 2010 -2012

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  • but why

    what is the point of the facade-theme? I dont understand it, its as if they want to make it look SFish and lets face it, thats neither trendy nor goodlooking.
    does it relate to anything in the surroundings or is it a way to correspond something to the buildings uders?
    or is it just a “facadetheme” to spice the building up?

    It would be awesome to hear the architects view on the facades.

  • gab xiao

    another nightmare of a building from these guys?!!!

  • James

    A crime against humanity.

  • Gustav

    Friedensreich Hundertwasser of the 21st Century!

    • rashmi

      Awesome comment.

  • Frasca Sensoto

    This organic tree like lattice structure along the facade, it’s so yesterday. Toyo Ito already been there and done that aeons ago. Pls check out the Vivocity project in Singapore.

  • pakistan

    bendito truño!

  • dude

    omg, terribly disappointing, formalistic, as usual, but terribly boring.

  • grapes

    this looks like a very boring first year project, and will not age well, I think they need to go back to school

  • Daniel

    Dieser Architekt erinnert mich an Richard Meyer- der hat Le Corbusier auch nie verstanden und litt bei seinen Entwürfen unter den Zwängen immer gleich auszusehen.

  • yrag

    The facades look rather awkward and 70s.

  • JWC

    Look like something they could have built in La Défense in Paris in the 70s or early 80s. Would have preferred that they reconstructed some old buildings/blocks instead, destroyed in the war.