Ananas by Study O Portable


Milan 2010: London design studio Study O Portable presented a set of giant bangles resembling pineapples in Milan earlier this month.

Called Ananas, the bangles are decorated with a criss-cross pattern by rolling them between two specially-made knurling tools, which can also be worn as bangles.

The collection was presented at Foodmarketo, a collaboration between Apartamento magazine and Designmarketo in Milan earlier this month.

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Here's some more information from the designers:


Ananas is a project that concerns the relationship between a tool of production and the resulting object, as well as a fascination for huge American roadside sculptures such the giant donuts and dinosaurs.

2 bangles with hand crafted, oversized knurling tools patterns are responsible for the production of the third and subsequent bangles. They are pressed onto the next bangle to make an impression that resembles a stylised pattern of a blown up pineapple. Both the tools and the output can be worn as bangles.

Ananas was commissioned for FoodMarketo, a joint venture by Apartamento Magazine and DesignMarketo which took place at Kaleidoscope Project Space during Milan Design Week 2010.

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Posted on Sunday May 2nd 2010 at 6:01 am by Catherine Warmann. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • morgan geist


    This is Morgan Geist,

    I am curious to know why this object exists: what is the relationship between production tools, roadside dinosaurs and jewelery and also what is the material?



  • Konga

    one of the dumbest things i’ve ever seen.

  • jess

    i’m sorry…
    but this is the 1st thing i’ve ever seen on this site that i absolutely hate. who would actually wear a giant, rubber tire-pineapple bangle that’s the size of one’s arm?
    bad taste and bad design :(

  • ben

    i was going to comment as to the irrelevance and uglyness of this, but i think prior commenters have the point fairly well made.

  • Anton

    Word to that, Ben. This is a shocker.

    Perhaps fun for kids trying to dress up as super heros? Pineapple man?

  • Wayne Rooney

    These are some of the dumbest comments I have ever seen on Dezeen. What do you want to do? Claim the design domain?
    These bangles are great and I would love to see people walking around in/with it. Seeing the landscape that surrounds me, filled with Sartorialist hipsters on candy colored bikes, this makes a very welcome difference. This design is far from dumb, people who wear this will be far from dumb. Because it will make everybody closed minded speak out in disgust and so you know who you don’t want to spend any of your time with.
    Go vote tory you!

  • @wayne rooney

    Could you maybe not just use the giant pineapples to beat the ‘sartorialist hipsters on candy colored bikes’ around the head? That way maybe their stupid moustaches will fall off and their skinny jeans rip asunder. Now that would be a functional design classic.

  • Wayne Rooney

    I think the point is not to see function of a design as purely something that has to do with a physical interaction.
    Nevertheless the image of hitting hipsters with giant squishy Pinapples in London fields can make a great day out, although I am against violence and everybody deserves space to be who they want to be in our society.

  • Wayne Rooney

    btw, I like that word; “asunder”.

  • Agree with ben

    Whyyy and NOT why not.

    Huge flower could be on someone head wondering around bricklane, and it’s totally fine.

    But those not on design blog for reason, wake up!

  • Wayne Rooney

    I agree with Ben,
    I agree with the conservatives,
    I jump in the ditch because my neighbour does so too.
    Well what is the point of designing when not trying to make a difference? Even if one attempt does not work out satisfactory to you, the publication on this blog might be stimulating to push an idea further and make it really great.
    You can say things are not good, but you can also take it is as a challenge and try to get things further. I think there is much potential in project and I like to see developments on the idea. Its creating a new sprocket with a sprocket. producing a new object with and existing one, and you can endlessly do this again and again. Quite nice i think.

    And even if you dont agree with that. Then just for mental sake, do not just agree with everybody else. Try to make a difference david cameron.