Arctic Circle Airport by Narud Stokke Wiig
and Haptic


Architects Narud Stokke Wiig of Norway and Haptic of London have completed a feasibility study for a new international airport just outside the Arctic Circle in Norway.

Above picture is by Imaging Atelier

The design takes its inspiration from a nearby mountain range and the local vernacular architecture.

Here's some info from Haptic:

The Arctic Circle Airport, Norway

This new airport terminal building is located in the municipality of Rana in Nordland, Norway, just south of the Arctic Circle. The mountain site is well forested, with views to the Fiords to the west and a prime location to see the midnight sun and the famous northern lights.

Above picture is by Imaging Atelier

The terminal building and distinctive roof form is inspired by a local landmark; the mountains of Træna, with its dramatic peaks as well as the local vernacular.

The zig-zagged roof culminates in a tall peak, which houses the airport control tower.

Feasibility study for new regional international airport. Narud Stokke Wiig Architects & Planners and Haptic

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  • squidly

    i don’t think we need another airport trying to imitate mountains. Such a hokey idea. Denver airport is hideous. Why should an airport look like a mountain? How many planes have crashed into mountains?

  • z

    i think now many architects likes playing the form based on the nature elements… But in this project rendering, for me, the buildings dose not look like mountains, because the architect mixed the mountain with some triangular roof houses to make it more abstract. it looks Ok but not impressive.

  • poster


  • guisforyou

    goddamit!!!! I want to see that towe/facade/skin/roof thing closer!!!!!

  • guisforyou

    and ohh by the way squidly….who are you to say when something has been done enough??? And haven’t planes crashed into airport tarmac’s as well??? How about developing a more substatial criticism.

  • i fully agree with squidly … the idea of imitating mountains has a beard right now …

  • Gavin

    It’s fun…stop being such an American.

  • benjamin

    order in plan & delight in form. love it

  • 3D

    It’s became fasionable to imitate nature these days.

  • rib

    Guys. Why criticizing before understanding.
    Everybody knows that in architecture you can have inspiration.
    The architect was inspired from the shape of the mountains and whatever… but after all, look at the architecture, and I mean the details or the shapes of the volume….
    it began with an inspiration and it ends with a sculpture.
    If the airport was looking typically like a mountain, it means that the architect has fall in formalism.
    Everybody can criticize.
    Now I can criticize several things. But overall it’s a nice concept, and the architecture is nice

  • gaque

    gavin thinks americans don’t like fun. i guess that’s why americans invented jazz, rock and roll and hip hop…americans just hate fun…

    this would be a great project if built, but its not so innovative, but its not a big deal. not everything has to be groundbreaking.