Ruhrsteine by Formfjord


Berlin designers Formfjord have made concrete pebbles for stone-skipping across water.

Called Ruhrsteine, the products are cast from real pebbles found by the river Ruhr and imprinted with a symbol prompting users to throw them away.

Here are some more details from the designers:


Inspired by the culture of "skipping stones“ Formfjord copied selected flat pebbles – perfectly formed by Nature and reproduced them in special concrete.

In the course of European Capital of Culture Ruhr 2010, Formfjord introduces these "Ruhrsteine“, collected at river Ruhr as a limited Edition.

"Ruhrsteine“ have only one practical benefit – making people happy when throwing them away.

The cast in "throw-away-symbol“ unmistakably prompts you to use the product in this spirit: Unpack and throw-away.

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  • janice

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve seen lately. Also, the designer looks young enough to have grown up learning about our current environmental state and how we need to produce less, consume less, and design in a way that helps others make wise choices when it comes to or impact on nature. No designer today can plead ignorance when it comes to our environment. Lets be responsible people! By the way, who wants to chuck concrete in a lake? I’m reminded of the movie Idiocracy.

  • yes this design is crazy for all the reasons already said. This is why i’m wondering if it has been done ironicly as some have indicated. would be nice to hear from the designer himself.

  • samson

    Hey guys, this is meant to be sarcastic as hell. It is a joke…..get it? I know the designers and it was meant to be a “joke to provoke”….and guess what? You all took the bait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sofia Santos Neves

    hmm… :/
    okay it can be sarcastic or ironic… but it would be more interesting if it wasnt concrete but but something biodegradable for example…
    like i don’t know… “food for fish”-throw-away-pebbles…
    i think it would be more interesting :)

  • kruka

    seriously, do we actually NEED this?