Electronic Calculator XS by plusminuszero


More from plusminuszero: the Japanese design company also launched this credit card-sized calculator in Milan last month.

Called Electronic Calculator XS, the product is solar-powered and joins the existing S and M calculators in the plusminuszero range.

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Here's some more information from plusminuszero:

Joining the S and M size electronic calculators is the new card-size XS calculator. Rounding off all the corners and edges of a card-size calculator that seems available everywhere gives this ±0 Electronic Calculator XS a gentle shape that is not at all like an ordinary card-size calculator. Experience its attractive touch and feel.


  • Slim card-size Calculator
  • Rounding off all the corners and edges
  • Solar Cell Battery
  • 8 digits
  • Auto power off

Color: White / Black / Yellow / Red / Green
Display: LCD
Number of digits displayed: 8
Calculation functions: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, constant calculation, memory calculation, percentages etc.
Power source: Solar cell
Dimensions: H54.2 x W85.7 x D3.2mm
Weight: approx. 17g

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  • Neptune

    Hmmm, what is new / special about this?

  • davide

    please explain why is “not at all like an ordinary card-size calculator”, because it is dangerously resembling of the ones everybody had 20 years ago, except that 20 years ago it felt so cool to have such a portable advanced technology

  • The Soft Rationalist

    What irrelevant product category is next, a plusminuszero butter churner?

  • bear

    WOW! what would they think of next?

  • Lark

    Wow, super lame! I got one of these for signing up for my first (and last) savings account when I was eight, in a town with no stoplights, in rural Wisconsin.

  • sluga

    rounded corners omg

  • Is it April one again?

  • capslock

    ‘is not at all like an ordinary card-size calculator’

    it is exactly like an ordinary card sized calculator.

  • Neo

    Amazing what you can do when you have a ” Name”.

  • Spanky

    Okay Lark… we get it ….you also lived in a dugout tree?

  • Xit

    Looks exactly like the BRAUN one circa 1980

    Supernormal, superpisstake

  • Xit

    Here it is, the BRAUN solar card 1987 by Dietrich Lubs


  • steve

    the negativity of the submitted comments… please do not overlook the ‘hi tech’ solar cell!

  • Will it break in my wallet?

  • Oliver

    I really like Naoto Fukasawa but this is just pointless nowadays…every phone has a calculator so why would you carry one around in your wallet/purse??

  • Caesar Tjalbo

    Just when I was thinking “The eighties called, they want their calculators back” it struck me that this is of course clever retro-design. Well done!

    Nail these frauds to a tree, it’s a disgrace: “Rounding off all the corners and edges of a card-size calculator that seems available everywhere gives this ±0 Electronic Calculator XS a gentle shape that is not at all like an ordinary card-size calculator.”

    Thanks for the LOL.

  • tomon

    This is a good example of the hip contemporary minimalism trend. Hopefully its over soon..

  • Capstick

    Really, I can´t undertsand the innovative spect of this calculator. I swear that I had one like this 20 years ago!

  • charlie chan

    this is a designer’s mental masturbation.

    1200Y = ~$12

    plusminuszero prices their item way too much. This will be good design if it was dirt cheap.

  • Roof

    Really cool thing, makes you feel like it’s 1987 again.

  • 0isac

    it’s a trick. for sure on the backside you can find a cell phone, camera and a tape recorder!

  • applejack

    Sam Hecht did a nice job of revisting the credit card calculator


    More original than this +-0 / Braun ‘remake’

  • Sr_Chipicao

    I like their products, they have like a girl next door feeling. They are simple and regular but have something that drives me nuts. I think this kind of feeling and beauty is very hard to achieve

  • Adrian

    that can’t sin or cosin, the iphone can.

  • Hans

    I would rather use my cellphone

  • oliver

    This ISN’T new…look at this and tell me it’s a new idea:


    Case closed as they say, etc.

  • venati

    well…thats why they name the company plus minus zero
    because they do no styling (more or less)

  • tito

    Sorry, no retro design. Copy.
    Braun, Sharp, and my CASIO back in 1982

  • michael

    C’mon, y’all … it’s yellow! And, like, other colors, too!