iPhonekiller by Ronen Kadushin


Designer Ronen Kadushin has designed an open-source mallet for smashing up iPhones.

Called iPhonekiller, the device features 1.6kg of laser-cut steel attached to a wooden handle.

The design can be downloaded and adapted from Kadushin's website.

Photographs are by Chanan Strauss. Above photograph is by Lizzy Kalisvaart.

Here's some more information from the designer:

“Pitch”: (in a Steve Jobs style product announcement) Whenever a new hand held device, or new exciting smartphone hits the market, a question roars through the internets, tech blogs and news: Is this the iPhone killer?

The answer is always...well...not quite, not yet.... So I was thinking, maybe these guys who make these devices are not looking at the right place for that iPhone killer. Why don’t I scratch that dream product itch, and transform this buzzword into a real product that it’s soul purpose is to do what it claims to be...

I’d like to introduce you to the iPhonekiller... It’s amazing... It is an open design, you can download it from my website, produce and use it. It is 1.6 Kg , 25mm ( 3.5 lbs, 1 inch) of precision laser cut steel, with a fantastic 36 cm wood ax handle. You can just feel the awesome power of it when you hold it in your hand... It’s amazing...

Like most of my designs of the last six years, iPhonekiller is an Open Design, meaning, its design CAD files can be freely downloaded, copied, modified and produced by anyone, without special tooling, under a Creative Commons license. The iPhonekiller is compatible with all iPhone models, also the future ones, and with iPads.

The iPhonekiller is my Open Design reaction to current tech products and personalities status, worshiped by media and public. A buzzword materializing with a function suggested by tech blogs.

iPhonekiller product page

Name of product: iPhonekiller (prototype)
Designer: Ronen Kadushin
Year of design and production: 2010
Materials: 25mm thick laser cut steel. Axe wood handle.

Dimensions: head: 13cm x 7cm, 1.6Kg. Overall length: 34cm

DezeenTV: iPhonekiller movie


Movie is by Robert Andriessen.

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Posted on Monday May 17th 2010 at 3:19 pm by Catherine Warmann. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • Guiles

    Apple has officially crossed over into a religion…

  • hallo

    don’t hate

  • somedude

    funny project…

    However, it seems arbitrary that the relationship between the iphone/ killer is just the geometry of the iphone used in some random and arbitrary way…

    It just seems odd that you would smash your phone with the edge of your extruded metal phone, rather than using the hammer in a vertical downward direction or something…It seems like a failed attempt to be clever, it had the potential, but should have been considered more thoroughly.

    • you

      It’s not to kill iPhones, the iPhone’s form is used as a killing device, turning the appearance of the iPhone into a killer, thus the name iPhone Killer.

  • maharapa

    I would like to see you smash an iphone, please.

  • Billy

    It needs more spikes, and then it can be used on iPhone users as well.

  • Xit

    Shameless attention grabbing

  • Therese Senac

    If only today was april’s fool…. Funny project!

  • A520


  • mick

    don’t understand!

  • William

    Agree with maharapa.
    Just about anything can be crushed with a steel mallet, but does it blend?

  • public image ltd.

    looks like shit but i absolutely endorse this product! 100%

  • I like smash.

  • s

    Dear iPhone Haters,
    This’ll make you feel better: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qg1ckCkm8YI
    And for iPad haters: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAl28d6tbko
    There, didn’t that help?

  • bargain basement

    “The iPhonekiller is compatible with all iPhone models, also the future ones”


  • Jose

    “The iPhonekiller is compatible with all iPhone models, also the future ones, and with iPads.”

    haha, good point.. :)

  • Anton

    Agreed, Somedude. I would have preferred to see the large flat face smash the whole iPhone in one swoop. This is indeed a bit of a fail.

  • So what phone does he have then?

  • and agreed. how cheap can he be if there isn’t a photoshoot with an actual iphone being ruined.

  • juan

    it’s another product to be put on the rebel without a cause pile.

  • Tom Ford

    In the mid 1930’s almost 90% of the non-Jewish German population was supporting the Nazis – all things considered. Can you imagine if the Internet existed then and someone suggested a tongue-in-cheek design device for smashing-up anything with the swastika on it? The public outcry would have been immense. Now fast forward to our Apple symbol obsessed times… anyone with an Apple device will automatically disagree with this design prank. Scary thought.

  • s jobs

    No pictures of smashed iphone ? Are you really ready to destroy it ? Is it hate or passion ?

  • tanya telford – T

    i think Tom Fords comment is interesting & raises my comment: i do think its a real shame when kids & people think they really really need to have something in order to be someone, (ie. iphone cool etc)

  • mimsoi

    what’s an i-phone?

  • Werner

    It seems to me that “any-thing-Apple-envy” is a bigger problem than “Apple-symbol-obsession”.

  • Nathan

    Seems like something Carrot Top would “design.”

  • juice

    I think the Nazi / Apple comment by Tom Ford is clumsy & irrelevant, you can’t compare an electronic personal device with a Fascist political movement.

  • Peter

    I was at this presentation: nobody in the audience volunteered to have their iPhone smashed … So no proof of action.

    @somedude: this is not extruded steel but massive
    @juice: don’t agree with you, suggest you re-read Tom Ford and start thinking

  • Crumbs

    Peter you have been possessed by Apple

  • somedude

    @ peter…what do you mean by ‘massive’?

    I was talking about the method of construction, not the physical properties. It can be extruded steel and be massive or small, it can be wrought iron and be massive or light….You get the point….comparing apples to oranges my friend…

    correct me if I am wrong..but it looks like the head of the hammer is made by taking a slice off of a cast or extruded piece of steel? Either way it is still lame.

  • Jaime

    Looks like all of you missed the point… read the whole post, watch the movie and read your comments.

  • @Tom Ford

    Please don’t bring up Nazi Germany in such a crass way.

  • ninila

    the fact that the product stirred that much heat is a victory… that’s the concept of a ‘successful’ design, as to it’s functionality…well, that’s a whole different discussion belonging somewhere else…philosophication–if that’s a word–of an idea takes the fun and whimsy out of it…

    like my iPhone, like the idea

  • Fizz

    It’s Hammer Time! (sorry….)

  • TW

    I don’t get Tom Fords crass comments. There is no connection between the Nazi’s and Apple.

    Was that a “I’ll mention the Nazi’s so everyone will read my comments”?

  • BRian

    UUhh, Dude…

    The head of the hammer is oriented in the wrong way…

    the radii hammer feature plane that looks like an i-phone from the top should be the “event lane” as to perfectly line up with the i-phone!

    I hope this is not a cheap way of getting around costs!

    No excuses!

  • So are we all gonna make and keep an iphone killer?
    How eco friendly. . .
    I already have three
    A mallet, a hammer and a metalwork vice.
    Do I need another???

  • Gerald

    So does it actually work? How many iphones were smashed during the testing of this tool and where are the pictures of broken i-phones.

  • iSmash

  • zeus

    I do dislike Iphone as well (part envy for the design supremacy, part hate for its brainless ubiquity) but your design is still weak Ronan, sorry.

  • Noir

    One liner. Boring nonsense, comedy and product design is a getting bit old now. And to speak at a conference on this… please! there are people really designing real critical projects that have actual research behind them and deliver brilliant rhetoric at the same time.

    This is awful project, that's not even relevant.

  • Everyone that's demanding to see it smash an iphone or complaining about the orientation of the hammer face really just doesn't get it. Its a joke. Its not meant to actually work in that way, but rather make a point about the value of open source design vs the closed proprietory systems Apple and other companies use. It's mute on the vast difference in technical complexity between them, but that's better illustrated by other more technical open-source designs that don't make you laugh but do actually work.