The Skullmate by Luke Twigger


UK designer Luke Twigger has created a range of skull-shaped containers with cushions for brains.

Called Skullmate, the ceramic series begins with an edition inspired by the city of Nottingham, featuring a green wool cushion decorated with feathers.

Here's some more information from Twigger:

The Skullmate, made in a brilliant white, glazed earthenware; then polished off with golden details and high quality tranfers. Ontop of this (literally) sits a cushioned Brain made in the finest of vintage fabrics, for storing pointy things or for getting a cheeky snooze.

The Skullmate can be used to store anything (preferably colourful things) from bon bons to pasta, and is not dishwasher safe. Each Skullmate is lovingly handmade and comes numbered and signed.

I have made a special edition that celebrates the City of Nottingham; it is the first of the City Edition range and comprises a green woolen brain complete with feathers, evoking notions of the City's most famous darling, Robin Hood.

I'm an Artist/Designer and Maker based in the UK. My practice is focused on creating work that straddles the pre-conceived boundaries of Art, Design and Craft, making work that challenges critically the notion of the Art Object and its role and purpose.

I utilize the formal language presented within these three coherent, yet unalike disciplines to construct objects that are understood tangibly, making my work accessible through its function and aesthetic value. Art makes problems and Design solves problems; and a problem must be made before it can be solved. My practice is the result of this equation, experimental, artistic endeavors that reach a conclusion.

The Skullmate/ City Edition\ Nottingham, 2010
Glazed Earthenware, Ceramic Transfers, Lustres, Vintage Fabric, Feathers

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  • modular

    I can’t believe I really dig this…

  • tanya telford – T

    “Art makes problems and Design solves problems; and a problem must be made before it can be solved”……… ?

    on this note, i remember teaching a student and she was very young, she was creative and had talent but very young, and she came out with a similarish type of statement and in retro spec i think her and maybe this example is an example of learning part of an area or field but missing another part or lacking in experience,…………… or maybe this person really thinks artists go around making problems?…….. gosh,

  • gaque

    Hehe it’s cute, who cares about the text?

  • joseph

    I love it “art makes problems, design solves problems. A problem must be made before it can be solved” well said. I love it, its very cute

  • William

    would be great for storing reels of thread inside, and using the brain as a needle cushion :)

  • a lot of humor in this iconoclast object