24 Issey Miyake Shop at Shibuya Parco by Nendo


Japanese design studio Nendo have completed a store for fashion designer Issey Miyake where accessories are displayed atop clusters of steel rods.

Called 24 Issey Miyake, the store is located in the Shibuya Parco shopping complex in Tokyo.

The store features Miyake's new Bilbao bag and the interior and its fixtures have been designed around it.

Instead of traditional shelving a set of thin steel rods of different heights stand in the centre of the space with merchandise laid out on top.

The design is one of Nendo's 24 ISSEY MIYAKE concept shops, which all feature 7mm diameter steel rods.  Read more about these stores in our earlier story.

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Photographs are by Daici Ano.

Here's some more information from Nendo:

New 24 ISSEY MIYAKE shop at Shibuya Parco In Tokyo

Based on the concept of the Japanese convenience store, 24 ISSEY MIYAKE shops combine inexpensive prices, a large variety of colours and frequent changes in product lineup. The Miyake team wanted a new design concept for the 24 Issey Miyake shop in Shibuya's Parco shopping complex, which includes a store that specially features Miyake's new Bilbao bag.

The Bilbao bag has no set form. Instead, it settles depending on how it is placed. To match the bag, we abandoned the standard hard, flat and smooth fixtures found in most shops, and created a set of variable-height fixtures made of thin steel rods that stand like a field of prairie grass in the shop, with a similar vague, undefined shape like the bag.

Shelving and hanger rods are also made of steel rods, in the 7 mm diameter common to all of the 24 Issey Miyake shop interiors. Supported by 'points', rather than by surfaces or lines, the bags seem to waft in the air like flowers in a light breeze, creating the illusion of a field of flowers in the store.

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Posted on Tuesday May 25th 2010 at 11:47 am by Catherine Warmann. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • John

    i like nails
    but i prefer no-nails

  • cindy

    so, look but don’t touch? that’s a good philosophy for a retail clothing store…

  • somedude

    Hope nobody trips and gets impaled on the pomo punji sticks..

  • n

    what happens when you fall on the display

  • Julia

    Just one think I worry about: what will happen if I fall?

  • I like the concept, seems much less restricted than a standard shelving layout, very fluid. Well done to Nendo. Must have a look next time I go!

  • I also like this innovative concept. I love that the bags seem to waft in the air like flowers in a light breeze, creating the illusion of a field of flowers in the store. Great idea!

  • GOsh

    Great conceptualization!
    A retail space with a thought of making it “lighter”.
    Its always been a upheaval task to create this light look but the rods are a little too dangerous for me.
    great work

  • Crumbs

    Indiana Jones had to deal with spikes like those

  • It seems to be dangerous. Especialy for clothes store…

  • Gollumpus

    1.) Are these rods mobile? Could one change the shape of the display area or are these things set in stone?

    2.) I imagine a lot of instances where bag handles are getting caught on these rods, resulting in them being ripped from a customer’s hand. It may be that the best way for customers to view these items would be to have a clerk assist them, which could be a nuisance for all concerned.


  • Ellen

    One must be careful not to get an involuntary acupuncture treatment. Seriously, this should not pass health & safety regulations whatsoever -it’s a public shop and one push and fall would be enough to hurt people.

  • Guido

    I went there yesterday, it was kind of dissapointing. Bad lightning (too bright) and the materials didnt look that nice. And on top of the rod’s they have put little see trough platters to present the products.

    But about safety, when was the last time you tripped, fell in a store on a display??

  • Fizz

    Obviously the Japanese have no idea about ‘Health & Safety’ – thank heavens! You’d have to literally launch yourself at the displays to effect injury. Of course Ellen may have a point when it comes to the irrational behaviour of marauding shoppers in the January sales but you can’t imagine the H&S police ever ever allowing similar in UK stores.

  • Kefin

    People! How often do you fall in stores?!

    This project is fantastic.

  • Mrc

    if u happen to fall on those? looks like a trap from pirates

  • beautiful colors !