Competitions: five copies of 49 Cities to be won


We've got together with New York architects WORKac to give away five copies of the second edition of 49 Cities, their study into design proposals for utopian metropolises.

Edited and published by Storefront for Art and Architecture, the book features an interview with Michael Webb of the Archigram collective and an essay by Sam Jacob of London architects FAT.

This competition is now closed.

Five winners will be selected at random and notified by email. Winners’ names will be published in a future edition of our Dezeenmail newsletter and at the bottom of this page. Dezeen competitions are international and entries are accepted from readers in any country.

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Here's more info from WORKac:

49 Cities

Second Edition featuring a new interview with Michael Webb (Archigram) and an essay by Sam Jacob (FAT)

How many inhabitants would Buckminster Fuller’s Tetrahedron City house? What would the density of Rem Koolhaas’ Exodus plan for London, or Superstudio’s Continuous Monument, have been had they ever been realized? How would they compare in scale to Kenzo Tange’s Tokyo Bay project, or to Corbusier’s Ville Radieuse? Which of them would have comprised more green areas?

49 Cities sets out to crunch the numbers of several centuries of unrealized urbanism, all the way from the ideal Roman city to the great utopian projects of the 20th century. Through plans, sections, charts and scale drawings, 49 cities are observed statistically and presented in an unprecedented comparative study, the result of a research project conducted over several years.

Despite the fact that these cities never actually existed in their intended form, this overview of utopian urbanism provides a remarkable insight into our understanding of the contemporary metropolis.

Published by Storefront Books
135 pages, paperback.
Dimensions: 9 1/4" x 9 1/4" x 5/16"
Weight: 1lb

Congratulations to our winners! Ryan Koller in the US, Valery van Nooijen in the Netherlands, David Liddicoat in the UK, Krista Jahnke in Canada and Bart Nicolaas also in the Netherlands.

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  • questioningEVRTNG

    Why do you ask for gender in your competitions?? Sexists much??

  • Graphically it looks like a great book.

  • xA

    I’ve been dying to get this book pretty much as long as I’ve known of its existence, but I can’t warrant the US$65 postage to NZ when it only costs $25!
    questioningEVRTNG: gender question is probably so that when a letter/ post is sent they don’t address it to a Mr when they winner is a Miss!

  • bjarke ingels

    brilliant book

  • Guang

    what is the content for “competition”, any design need to be submit?

  • I think I should win this book because as a girlfriend of an architect, I have to just know a little bit about urbanism and architecture, just to keep up with him. On the other hand: he will be sooo happy for me to win this book, because he can look in it when I’m away :-) Thank you in forehand and greetings from the Netherlands

  • Ted

    Nice book!

    Really like the graphics

  • one of the 49…

    when will you announce the results? we are in a great agony…. :)