Plum Stool by Alvaro Uribe


New York designer Alvaro Uribe has created a stool by bending carbon fibre-reinforced plastic into a seat and two legs.

Called Plum Stool, the stool is created by bending the material at key stress points and was inspired by leaf veins.

Here's some more information from the designer:

The stool is the exploration into Carbon Fiber and its possible implementations into residential furniture. The objective of the product is to achieve lightness and performance.

By bending the material in key stress points and creating structural ribs, the stool is born by using the least amount of material, and achieving a weight of 300 gr.

The form is inspired by leaf veins, which optimize the body to keeps its shape and overcome wind waves and pressure. Likewise the stool bend's create a structure which is natural and blends all parts without the need for adhesives or welding.

With a dynamic movement, similar to that of a ballet dancer, the stool reflects the possibilities within materials, natural forms, and industry.

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Posted on Thursday June 3rd 2010 at 10:27 am by Catherine Warmann. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • well it’s an interesting shape, but, I think the material sould not be carbon fiber, maybe wood, would be better, and more productible… but still a great job, nice shape…

  • Fish fingers

    Has this actually been made or is it a rendering? The wording is a little ambiguous. Apols if the designer has produced the design but kind of fed up with passing off renderings as physical protos

  • @Fish fingers: rendering

  • bargain basement

    this looks awkward. the geometry of the legs would cause it to fall out of stacking too. also to quote;

    “a structure which is natural and blends all parts without the need for adhesives or welding.”

    when you think about it, being carbon fibre, the whole object is an adhesive. This sort of thing is quite common in young design students or just mediocre thinking.

  • Anton

    It does indeed look like a rendering. Show me a photo of the real product with someone sitting on it and make me believe! We can all do nice renderings.

  • felix

    Doesn’t look very comfortable. And surely very expensive to make furniture this way?

  • Prof Z.

    Norayr Khachatryan + Alberto Meda =Alvaro Uribe

  • Edward N

    Taking into account the above comments, who cares if the image is a rendering or not, the design is really pioneering. In this days is acceptable to have renderings, just look at the architecture field. I believe this is an splendid design, different from the typical boxy forms we see. Sure it might be expensive to produce, probably why it is only a rendering. Maybe is not meant to be produce, and I quote.

    “The stool is the exploration into Carbon Fiber and its possible implementations”

    The guy is just exploring the possibilities withing materials, structure, and form. Nothing else!

  • Jonathan

    -bargain basement

    your criticism is so irrelevant to the concept of the stool, and your words could pass for those those of a teenager or a young designer.please keep the positive energy when posting on blogs.

  • Diana

    Not sure that I like this shape, I don’t think is real looks like a rendering to me

  • Shan

    To the designer-

    This is the same criticism that designers like Zaha Hadid, Ross Lovegrove and Luigi Colani get every day, I will take it as a complement. Nice stool by the way…