House by Black Line One X Architecture Studio


Black Line One X Architecture Studio have completed a pointy extension to a house in Tasmania.

The new addition to this 1970s house features a master bedroom with bathroom, wardrobe and full-height windows overlooking a timber-decked courtyard.

Here's some more information from the architect:

After extensive travel and working as a key member of Jean Nouvel & Shigeru Ban Architect's (SBA), this international experience has now planted itself on an unlikely Tasmanian doorstep.

The project, an extension of a typical three bedroom 70s house, investigates the simplicity of light in form, colour, and detail.

It draws on my (Anthony Clarke, Director) Japanese experience and time working with SBA. It forges the first project on the Black Line One X Architecture Studio's slate.

The design features a new main bedroom with floor to ceiling windows, bathroom, walk-in-robe, hallway joinery and a timber deck to the north.

These graft themselves to the eastern elevation of the existing house, offering renewed privacy and natural light to the clients, a family of five.

The plan pulls back to create two private courtyards, one seemingly internal, featuring Japanese Maple trees.

The extension leads users to double back twice, revealing both sides of the entrance wall, before entering the main bedroom space which offers views down the valley to the site's north-west.

Original and reclaimed material selections, such as an old Huon Valley barge, was used (in the timber decking and contemplation seating) to contrast the white planes of the blade privacy walls.

These bind the design on two opposing sides, one now creating a more apparent and appealing entrance to the home.

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  • blurp

    Picture 10 (above “Original and reclaimed material selections…”):
    Are you sure that you want to show this detail?
    Nice otherwise!

  • steve

    Honestly… very average. Seriously, what is that triangular upstand in the bedroom? are there not enough windows? what terrible lines between the slanted roof, different angled window, over a very average door with terrible hardware. The planning is average – far from exciting entrance.

    I would rather start again. Sorry.

  • kazuya

    Great little project, especially love the two courtyards.

  • Tommo from HCMC

    Tasmania is a very cold place (except for Tasmanians!) I’d shudder to think how much heat would be lost by floor-to-ceiling glass in this climate, even if it were double-glazed.
    It would have been worth considering thermal massing on the floor instead of carpet (or having hard floor next to the windows?)

  • dave

    i would imagine the space, light and connection to the outdoors from within this new addition is a joy compared to the existing house and i’d want to spend my time in bed as often as possible.

    i also like the entrance and the ability of the room to be both transparent and private at the same time is thoughtful.

    looks affordable too – a great effort.

  • Kae

    Luv it! Beautiful little coutyard, i can see where the japanese influence comes in…