Movie by Pedro Kok: Galeria Adriana Varejão
by Rodrigo Cerviño Lopez


Here's another movie by Brazilian architectural photographer Pedro Kok (see yesterday's film of Herzog & de Meuron's VitraHaus), this time of a gallery in Brumadinho, Brazil, designed by Rodrigo Cerviño Lopez.

More information about the project in our earlier story here.

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  • maarten

    cool vid, are the moving people placed upon a photograph or is it just a fixed recording angle, because i dont see the sun moving around.. maybe the shots are too short to notice.. just wondering!

  • jeanpierre

    enough 50% opacity people in renderings, for once that they were real, that’s a pity.

    this gallery is part of Inhotim museum near Belo Horizonte; each pavillion is an amazing piece of architecture, and the art collection is the best I’ve ever seen. all this takes place in a Burle Marx park with a wonderful collection of plants.
    it’s 1hr away from Belo Horizonte but is surely worth the trip from Rio and SP.

  • phut

    I see death people… lol

    btw, very nice vid!!!

  • Ayash