Valdemar by Artificial/form


Danish designers Martin Kechayas and Christian Nørgaard of Artificial/form have designed this felt-upholstered wingback chair for furniture brand Normann-Copenhagen.

The low-slung chair's legs are also upholstered before being assembled.

Here's more from Artificial/form:

Valdemar chair for Normann-Copenhagen – a chair in a simple and modern design. The chair’s characteristic sides form a private sphere that gives room for a cosy atmosphere and relaxation. Valdemar is full upholstered and the chair legs are covered with fabric to form an aesthetic graphic whole.

Valdemar is designed by the two industrial designers Martin Kechayas and Christian Nørgaard. They have had focus on designing a piece of furniture with a beautiful graphic expression and great sitting comfort. The chair’s inside has an organic round form in contrast to the sharp and edged outside of the chair. That makes the chair exciting both visual and in use.

Martin Kechayas and Christian Nørgaard explain:” Nowadays there is a huge need for intimacy, calm and contemplation. For that we need furniture that creates room and space – a place of our own. The point of departure was to design a piece of furniture that is a lounge chair and an easy chair in one. Furthermore, you should be seated great and the comfort should be superb. We believe that a chair should be beautiful from all angles. Valdemar almost embrace the user with its big open arms and welcome the user.”

The chair is ideal for the home to create time and room. It brings character to the living room either as a part of the couch area or as a freestanding chair.

Material: Full - upholstered
Fabric: Divina Melange
Colours: Black, Green, Light Brown, Blue
Size: H: 99cm, W: 88cm, D: 75cm

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Posted on Monday June 21st 2010 at 5:40 pm by Brad Turner. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • f

    How cosy and relaxed can you be without arm rests?

  • jens

    i like the play of proportions and color, but doesn’t it resemble a little the cartoon chair from swedese?

  • Teo

    It looks like Darth Vader’s Mini Me version – cool that is :)

    If I place it in the corner will I hear an evil cackle?

  • Bruce

    Great idea… would love to see a picture of someone sitting in it… might douse my speculation that it would be incredibly uncomfortable.

  • modular

    I can’t seem to think I’m looking at something from Swedese.

  • Olivier

    … The felt doesn’t feel itchy when you rest your cheek against the wing?

  • Rob

    haha, now that’s a wingback! i like

  • Jack

    How does one propose to clean it, does the felt come off?

  • Doug C.

    Could this ever be reupholstered? I think it’s visually great but will have to be thrown away when worn or dirty.

  • Christian N.

    @ Jake and Doug C. Since the fabric is 100% wool it cleans really easy, and is also very hardwearing. The whole chair is designed so it can be taken apart and reupholstered.
    @ Olivier. The Divina Melange fabric from Kvadrat is very comfortable to touch.

  • Red

    I had one of these in the office late last year – it looks fantastic, not itchy, but it is hard as nails and really not as comfortable as you would hope for the price…

    • Christian N.

      Its still a prototype and the price is coming down for the production version.


      • Red

        True it was a prototype.
        The company I was with at the time was expecting a November 2010 release from Normann Copenhagen but I guess it must have been put back since leaving.