Ivy Building by Geneto


Ivy by Geneto

This building for Tokyo by Japanese architects Geneto will be cloaked in steel mesh with ivy growing over it.

Ivy by Geneto

Called Ivy Building, the project comprises retail spaces on the ground floor, offices above, and studio and residential units at the top.

Ivy by Geneto

A staircase wrapping around the building and linking all floors will be used as a public gallery , and the movement of those within will be visible through the mesh and plants.

Ivy by Geneto

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Ivy by Geneto

Here's some more information from the architects:

IVY building

The Ivy building is a complex, planned to build in a medium to high rise area in Tokyo. It is a small scale building, but we were required different kinds of program on every floor.

Ivy by Geneto

Retail on the first floor, Office on the second to fourth floor and atelier-cum-residence on the fifth to sixth floor.

Ivy by Geneto

Usually office buildings and retail stores seek efficiency, so maximum floorage and ground connection is required. However, these kinds of buildings tend to isolate form the surrounding area and loose the sequence to the community.

Ivy by Geneto

We wanted to design a building that is open to community and at the same time satisfying in ground connection. Then we put some cultural program to commercial program.

Ivy by Geneto

The shape was determined by the legal restrain to derive the maximum volume.

Ivy by Geneto

When we gathered the stairway space in one area, it was compact in plan but when we thought of it as a volume, it was difficult to place.

Ivy by Geneto

Therefore we regarded the stairway as a linear space, and wrapped it around the building.

Ivy by Geneto

The stairway is able to be seen from outside the building, and people can see the motion of the ones going up the stairs.

Ivy by Geneto

Adding a gallery as a cultural program to the stairway, it turned into to a rich space.

Ivy by Geneto

The gallery is opened to the public, and the people can walk up to the higher floors. A sensuous and physical contact will occur between the people visiting and working there.

Ivy by Geneto

Additionally, the stairway has a function to connect the different programs on each floor, and that strengthens the building’s unity as a whole.

Ivy by Geneto

By adding another usage to the stairway space like this, the ground connection of the higher floors improved. We came up with an idea to cloak the building with steel mesh and cover it up with ivy to strengthen the unity of the building.

Ivy by Geneto

The façade created by the ivy has a presence in the surrounding area, but it doesn’t give a cool and commercial impression. Rather it gives a warm impression as if a large tree is standing there and people can stop by the building casually。

Ivy by Geneto

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We wanted to create a new type of building by combining different kinds of program and propose a building that is opened to the society.

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  • edward

    It would make for amazing interiors, but there do need to be roots somewhere
    and the rendering don’t show that in any detail. A lot of problems to be worked out here I think. How long would it take to grow to cover the building? Kudzu maybe. Interesting.

  • m

    nice renderings, but anyone who know anything about ivy would know its an extremely powerful plant, attracting various bugs…. once grown it ill never let any sun pass, so its pretty much no light and no view..
    and the side thats not getting any sun is pretty ugly too..
    you could of course have someone trimming it every other day..

  • John Hudson

    Kudzu! A great idea… and a thoroughly Japanese plant. It’s very appealing conceptually in many ways, and without sustained care and control, the rodents are going to like it even more.

  • Omikey

    Man created a hammer and nails so he wouldn’t have to live in the bush.

  • Obscurity

    The ivy-cloaked building could make its eye-soothing presence felt in the community if the ivy grows well and evenly over the mesh that stands in the air, open on both sides.

    I’d like to know what the fire department and the gardener would say to this project.

  • critique

    yes, the ivy doesn’t only hang from the air, but will stick to the glass, how will you control it’s growth, eventually there will be almost no light at all coming through…
    furthermore, the idea of a staircase circumventing a building connecting public elements and being partially exposed to the outside has been done with the dutch embassy in berlin. but contrary to oma’s scheme, there is no diagrammatic extension of the staircase to level floors and create semi public program, it’s simply a staircase.
    why don’t you show the space that opens to different floors in between the ivy and the building?
    why stacked cubes like the new museum? why rounded windows like aomori art museum? this building is a collection of quotes, but it’s incoherent and crude in it’s articulation. the ivy doesn’t make all work together. sorry.

  • Mert

    the title should be “bug building” , this will be covered by bugs.

  • edward

    One can imagine smoke billowing from a window and filling the space bounded by the ivy. Don’t think the Fire Marshal will approve. Still the concept could go forward sans ivy and still be worthwhile. The supporting structure will not be anything as slender as shown.

  • Its wonderful, unique, new approatch but the only negitive point is if i am a visitor to this building i should pass all through the building to receive office floor or resident floor, or commercial floor if it is not necessary i will feel tired and boring. its exciting only for person who live there.

  • Jos

    I really really don’t see why so many people like this. Wrapping up some boxes with a polygonal structure? I have seen this happen in much more exciting projects. Maybe I just don’t like how the presentation lacks poetry.
    Missed opportunities.

    (I like ivy though…)

  • DW

    Ivy grows differently on N/W/S/E sides of a building, not in a uniform manner. Use that knowledge to influence the design.

  • edward

    As beguiling as the concept and drawings are, I would be surprised if it was ever realized. Perhaps substituting some non-organic product would result in a similar design giving the effect a leafy enclosure. .

  • I hope they seal it well, the ivy outside my house has a nack of creeping in through the smallest hole., bringing with it enough black-fly for a small city.