Y-Grinder by DesignWright
for Joseph Joseph


Y-Grinder by DesignWright for Joseph Joseph

This grinder by brothers Adrian and Jeremy Wright of London design studio DesignWright dispenses both salt and pepper.

Y-Grinder by DesignWright for Joseph Joseph

Called Y-Grinder, the design for kitchen brand Joseph Joseph has two chambers, each controlled by a handle branching outwards from its body.

Y-Grinder by DesignWright for Joseph Joseph

Here's some more information from Joseph Joseph:

Y-Grinder™ Twin-chamber salt and pepper mill

This distinctive salt and pepper mill has a unique twin-chamber design allowing both salt and pepper to be dispensed from the same unit. Its ceramic mechanism is anti-corrosion and guaranteed for up to 10 years. Suitable for all types of seasoning including rock salt, it can be easily adjusted to grind from fine to coarse grades.

Winner of Red Dot Award 2010 and Design Plus

Designed by DesignWright Design registered

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  • Xit

    Nice product, but isnt the name an Iphone app ?

  • Caesar Tjalbo


    I can accept that designers find it hard to ignore peppermills but please, please, please try at least to improve. If you can’t, see it as a good reason to focus your attention on something else. Design comes after function with grinders, trust me.

    You really want a larger reservoir on those mills because having to refill after every meal gets boring fast. Just saying.

    Common sense is a good way to judge salt and pepper mills. If it feels sturdy, looks solidly made and has the right materials in the right places (steel or ceramics), chances are you’ve found a longlasting useful mill and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

    Need more, shop for brands like Peugeot or Zassenhaus. Or ask the chef of your favorite restaurant.

  • Skaap

    Ah, yes just what the world needs – another salt and peper grinder. Don’t you just love how designers from first world countries think?

  • HK expat club

    super thinking, nice piece as J&J always do.

  • lk

    it looks like Yves Behar’s Y water.

  • reservoir is too small. this is definate.

  • Xit
  • kris

    good design never follows function, good design means the balance of functionality and aesthetics(shape). If this product works as it should, why is it a problem if it has fresh looks? I said IF because this grinder has basic design flaws, but with some modifications to the top part’s grip it could be a well operating product, while keeping its interesting form. Although its price tag is nonsense.

  • janman

    Just been given one of these as a late wedding present and LOVE it. I already own a stelton mill (arne jacobsen – cylinda range) and a large wooden mill with peugeot mechanism and this looks better, and works better than both.

    I don't understand the comment from Caesar about it being too small…. it fits more pepper/salt than either the stelton or peugeot mill. The peugeot mill is bigger on the outside but, because it's made from wood, has less space inside for the pepper.

    It's also less than half the price of the stelton or peugeot – and you get two grinders in one!

    one very happy owner…

    • Caesar Tjalbo

      Better late than never: I stand corrected.