Opera and Cultural Centre by CF Møller


Here is the other winning competition entry for a new opera house and cultural centre in Kristiansund, Norway, by Danish architects CF Møller.

The rhythmical façade will be made up of vertical elements of varying spacing and widths, allowing views of the interior space from the outside.

The proposal aims to integrate the centre with its surroundings by incorporating the existing buildings on either side and creating an urban space around the building, which will connect the cultural centre with the streets, squares and nearby park.

Brisac Gonzalez and Space Group provided the other winning proposal for this competition. See our earlier story.

The following information is from the architects:

Kristiansund Opera and Cultural Centre

Kristiansund Opera and Cultural Centre will house Norway's oldest opera, dating back to 1805, which every year arranges the Opera Festival Weeks - Norway's largest and most comprehensive presentation of opera and musical theatre and one of Scandinavia’s largest opera festivals.

The vision of the new Opera House is to create a cultural power centre in Kristiansund, the capital of the region of Nordmøre, west of Trondheim – a landmark to the entire region.

Apart from the opera the new cultural centre will house a ballet centre, library, college centre, conference rooms, a restaurant, and a café. The task has been to integrate two existing buildings, one of them the former Folkets Hus, in the new and create a vibrant urban space around the building by connecting the cultural centre with the pedestrian streets, squares and a nearby park.

Kulturkvartalet, as the project made by C. F. Møller Architects is called, unites the different cultural functions in a dynamic and creative environment, centred round the main concert hall. The concert hall has been designed to offer sublime acoustics and super flexible theatre settings.

The Kristiansund Opera is one of several significant cultural buildings designed by C. F. Møller Architects in recent years. These include the Darwin Centre in London, the cocoon shaped extension of the Natural History Museum in London, which contains both Darwin's unique collection and a world-leading science research centre research facilities. C. F. Møller Architects has also been responsible for extension of the Concert Hall Aarhus, which has been doubled in size with a new Symphonic Hall with sublime acoustics and facilities for the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Academy of Music. Furthermore the company has won first prize in the competition for the new Odense Music and Theatre Hall, a cultural centre with four halls and facilities for the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music.

Client: Kristiansund Kommune og FG Eiendom
Architect: C. F. Møller Architects
Address: The centre of Kristiansund
Size: 15400 m2
Year of competition: 2010
Year of construction: - 2014

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  • edward

    Meh…The interiors are bland boring and what’s with the weird upholstery on the chairs. I guess it was an attempt to enliven the pic. And I don’t care for the diagonal s cutting into the vertical members on the facade. I’ll take the other one.

  • Wow. Did anyone at C. F. Møller ever register that Norway already has an opera house that looks pretty much like this.. Remove the “rhythmical façade ” and whoops, there you have it. Not too impressed

  • Boo

    Cold, so cold …

  • João

    liked it… it seems to pay a little bit more respecto to the site and to the existing building than the other proposal…

  • zafar

    too simple i think!

  • steven

    Those cow patch chairs. Are they friggen serious?

  • Martin

    Seems very of its time.. not terribly original though. And regarding the cowhide seat covering: its fashion.. in scandanavia they wear leather shoes too apparently – the horror!

  • edward


    With the fur still on? You must admit that cowhide with fur upholstery in a cultural center is odd.

  • sonia

    are all cars the same?…they all have 4 wheels too, take the shield out and whoops, there you have it, just another engine…not too impressing either, right?
    it’s not just like the existing opera.
    can’t any of you reckon that the furniture in the visualizations are merely for the picture?
    and by the way the cow patch chair is the so famous Hardoy butterfly chair…