Chair/Stool by Krystian Kowalski


Chair by Krystian Kowalski

Krystian Kowalski of Polish design collective Kompott presented a foldable chair that also doubles up as a stool at the Royal College of Art graduate show in London last month.

Chair by Krystian Kowalski

The chair can be transformed into a tall stool by slotting the tab at the bottom of the wooden back-rest into a slit in the middle of the seat.

Chair by Krystian Kowalski

Kowalski has also created a wooden bench, which can be folded and easily carried.

Chair by Krystian Kowalski

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Chair by Krystian Kowalski

Here's some more information from Kowalski:

My process is based on finding the simplest possible solutions. I use natural materials to create simply manufactured forms which come together in simple constructions that maximise functionality.

Chair by Krystian Kowalski

This "less is more" leads me to products which are easy to pack and distribute, easy to put together and easy to use. The resulting aesthetic is simple and true toits function, each detail has a defined and intuitive purpose.

Chair by Krystian Kowalski

Multi-purpose chair/stool for everyday use. This design provides a foldable space-saving solution for modern, open-plan living areas. Many kitchens nowadays are connected to the living room to create one larger, open space.

Chair by Krystian Kowalski

The only visible divider between the two functions is often a dividing bar, otherwise known as an "island". My chair can become a bar stool and functions with an "island", as well as providing comfortable seating by a dining table. It can then be folded away completely after use.

Chair by Krystian Kowalski

Outdoor folding bench.

This design is a simple, lightweight solution to the problem of foldable multi-person seating. The bench is easy to fold and store over winter, or overnight for commercial use. It's simple and natural aesthetic also makes it perfect for gardens and terraces.

Chair by Krystian Kowalski

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  • Andy

    that is so f**king cool!

  • edward

    I hate to be one of those “it’s been done before” types, but the slatted folding bench thing is ancient. The chair/stool one looks to be a useful item..

  • slater

    Fantastic work! I’d love to see this concept pushed further and into other piece of furniture.

  • Marc

    if it works well, and if you made it first, it’s genious.
    If not, you’re a phony :D

  • Asia


  • f. stachio

    I should have gone to the Royal College of Art!

  • j

    Good system, so Why don’t he use chair system with the bench? Long bench!