Foundation by Benjamin Hubert


Foundation by Benjamin Hubert

This shelving with integral steel box-files by London designer Benjamin Hubert has been created to celebrate the 200th anniversary of British design brand Heals.

Foundation by Benjamin Hubert

Called Foundation, the shelving is made of Valchromat, a wood-fibre board made of forest waste and reclaimed pine coloured with organic dyes.

Foundation by Benjamin Hubert

Each powder-coated steel box-file has a leather tab in the same colour.

Foundation by Benjamin Hubert

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Foundation by Benjamin Hubert

Here's some more information from Hubert:

Benjamin Hubert for Heals

London based Industrial Designer Benjamin Hubert has received much acclaim over the past few years with his product exhibited and retailed across the world and receiving numerous industry accolades.

Benjamin Hubert Studio employs a materials and process focused approach and give emphasis on clean lines with the products meeting the modern demand for functional tactile objects.

Made in the United Kingdom, Foundations is a shelving and storage system inspired by brutalist architecture.

Foundation is made of a dark grey Valchromat with incorporated folded steel powder coated box files with matching leather pull handles.The combination of industrial materials and softer tactile details emphasises the brutalist language while retaining a sense of tradition found in the leather bindings of books.

Valchromat is a wood fibre board coloured with organic dyes specifically developed and bonded with resin to ensure that the natural appearance and characteristics of the fibre remain in tact. The wood is sourced from forest waste and recycled pine. With a environmentally friendly manufacturing process and zero carbon emissions, Hubert’s use of sustainable material and advanced technical methods minimize environmental impact, an important concern for the designer.

Part of the Heal’s ReDisscovers project, Benjamin Hubert’s Foundation is a bold and striking creation with a timeless appeal and environmental sensibility.

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  • Prof Z.

    I never said bravo to young designer Benjamin Hubert , il love this MBB(Mondrian Boulouresque bookshelves)….

  • this is fantastic. I love the clear clean style and the functionality of the shelves. I would adore having this in my home office.

  • Love Benjamin Hubert’s work – particularly his Heavy lights and Lilypad tables. This is another great utilitarian design from him

  • bill

    Benjamin Hubert sort of takes everything that’s current at one time and combines it together into one thing. It reminds me of looking at dezeen alot.

  • Prof Z.

    @bill you are right , Sorry i forget Arik Levy in my list …. but this one is quite good

  • ranam
  • Xit

    Agree with Zuy & Bill, a sort of design design sampling

    Take… A levy E15

    And add….R&E Bouroullec valise Magis

  • Prof Z.

    thanks also Master in design Charlotte Perriand for the structure

  • Prof Z.

    No it a great booksheves for Le Corbusier, Perriand, Mondrian ,Levy , Bouroullec ‘s books .. It’s a dream team to begin in architecture, art and design…

  • Xit

    And Charlotte Perriand was inspired by shelving in a Japanese temple/room.

    Japanese temple > Charlotte Perriand > Bouroullecs > Barber Osgerby > Levy > Hubert > very late adopter.

  • designgurunyc

    Strength to strength. Benjamin is THE name for this decade.