Leather furniture by Tortie Hoare


Leather furniture by Tortie Hoare

Here are some more images of boiled leather furniture by Tortie Hoare, the winning project from New Designers Part 2 2010 (see our earlier story).

Leather furniture by Tortie Hoare

The collection is made up of two seats, a desk, side table, stool and stand, all upholstered with leather boiled in water to make it rigid.

Leather furniture by Tortie Hoare

The chair above has also been upholstered with linen, and the table below has a leather sleeve for storing papers and a laptop

Leather furniture by Tortie Hoare

The stool below has a hard seat created by shrinking leather over a removable jig.

Leather furniture by Tortie Hoare

The table has a coffee holder formed by two-part moulding, while stand is for storing keys and has steam-bent legs.

Leather furniture by Tortie Hoare

Hoare developed the range while studying at Bucks New University in the UK.

Leather furniture by Tortie Hoare

More information in our earlier story.

Leather furniture by Tortie Hoare

All images are by Paul Wilkinson.

Leather furniture by Tortie Hoare

Here's some more from the designer.

Upholstered in linen and leather.

I discovered when I tried to make this chair that there are few ways of creating an eco friendly 3d shape which is also structural. Leather furniture by Tortie Hoare

This drove me to research for a new method or material which I could use to create my designs.

Leather furniture by Tortie Hoare

From this research I came across the medieval process of boiling leather to create armour.

Leather furniture by Tortie Hoare

From this I undertook much experimentation, and I created my brief for my final major, which was to turn the material and process from being an out dated material, and combine it with other materials to create contemporary furniture.

Leather furniture by Tortie Hoare

I allowed the different processes of forming the leather that I wanted to try in each piece dictate the designs and furniture that came from it.

Leather furniture by Tortie Hoare

I have the small key stand, the process investigated here was clamping and in the wood I investigated steam bending - combining the 2 processes creating continuity between the materials.

Leather furniture by Tortie Hoare

For the stool, I wanted to try shrinking the leather around a removable jig to create both structure and form.

Leather furniture by Tortie Hoare

I also wanted to play with our conceptions of leather, as we generally expect it to be soft.

Leather furniture by Tortie Hoare

Therefore by creating the dimples as if there were buttons challenges our understanding as the leather in this is in fact structural and solid.

Leather furniture by Tortie Hoare

The desk I was looking at sewing, and I decided to create a pocket for papers or laptops.

Leather furniture by Tortie Hoare

I wanted to create a clean piece of furniture where the leather and the wood flowed into each other.

Leather furniture by Tortie Hoare

The side table I used 2 part moulding to create the coffee ring in the top of it.

Leather furniture by Tortie Hoare

The ring is ironic as usually if there were a wooden top, a stain like that would be upsetting, and yet here it is functional.

Leather furniture by Tortie Hoare

There is a nice contrast of the metal lineal frame, and the leather formed planes.

Leather furniture by Tortie Hoare

The ridge seat I have used the sewing to create structure.

Leather furniture by Tortie Hoare

Having the legs run up into the leather, then the leather underframe running into the wooden legs, I think that this created an interesting and interlinking relationship between the 2 materials.

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  • Andy

    I think it’s nice and there is a lot of work there for your final project, but you know your always going to be told you ripped off that RCA person which is a shame.

  • Jon

    Totally agree with Andy. Sad but true. Even the way she talks about her “discovery” of leather shaping is exactly the same. – maybe seen Hasan’s work and the idea came back subconsciously. It happens. One thing I would say is there’s no coherence between the pieces. It doesn’t sit well as a collection at all.

  • two cents

    i would say that she saw hasans work and took it to her own pieces. if not i’m sure someone would have pointed it out to her along her working. at that point it would be a decision whether to continue.

  • http://x flieder

    also in holland someone graduate with leather seating, same shapes.
    Hasan made great start.
    now others take it it on

  • http://www.amirmortazavi.com amir mo

    I just posted an article on my blog about cuir bouilli (boiled leather) and there’s a Canadian artist by the name of Rex Lingwood that made some whimsical like chairs (similar to some shapes that Maarten Baas created in his clay series) and tables in the cuir bouilli process. Have a gander here:


  • george clinton

    in full agreement with the first four comments I like to add that the jury of New Designers have a responsibility too. How can they praise this while Hasan's work is already in the public for two years? This doesnt stimulate any of the up and coming designers that are still in college to really dig deep and BE ORIGINAL!

  • http://www.theroomplace.com Furniture Artist

    Just came across your furniture designs, and thought they were refreshing and out-of-the-box. My favorite piece was the chair upholstered with the colorful linen. Thanks for sharing!

  • ronane

    Boiling leather was not invented by Hasan, it has been used for thousands of years for furniture, instruments, etc. Not really a copy-cat at all. She’s just using another material. Why not criticize her for using wood? I know of a few people that have incorporated wood in there designs.
    Everyone commenting on these blogs is apparently so much more talented than the people that have been posted. Where are all of your blog postings? so they can be shredded by all the other negative Debbie-downers out there.
    I think if you post an arrogant comment, it should be followed by a link to your own work.

  • http://www.fredbreeding.com/ ferdinan

    an antique chair,,, but if its strength could be secured,,, if fat people could use something that chair,,,:):) interesting post,,, I like

  • Pony the Trap

    What the blazes is an ‘Eco-freindly shape’? Or is she talking about the chair itself? The boiled leather chair. What would make it even more eco-friendly would be to use black pudding for the legs and they use the ears of the cow for little carry handles. And the eyes for coasters. Perhaps the little cow’s tongue for a swing tag.

  • http://www.luxury-leather.com/ Leather Directory

    Wow really nice and "strange" furniture (and I mean strange in a good way)…never seen anything like it… can they be bought..I mean are they for sale..asking cause I know some designers don't sell their items…

  • http://www.cotswoldco.com/hallway-furniture/ Hallway Furniture

    wow, those chairs look amazing! I wonder how long the leather stays firm enough after use to remain looking like that?

  • http://www.maniksfurniture.lk/ Furniture Sri Lanka

    Nice work. I like these chairs and tables. Great job, good idea.