The Front & Back by Giha Woo and Shingoeun


The Front and Back by Giha Woo and Shingoeun

Two batteries form the hands of this clock by designers Giha Woo and Shingoeun.

The Front and Back by Giha Woo and Shingoeun

Called The Front & Back, the clock face has an inner and outer disk, each with a battery housing, which rotate to indicate the time.

The Front and Back by Giha Woo and Shingoeun

The product is part of a series of work by the duo entitled The Wrong Objects, which they presented at DMY Berlin last month.

The Front and Back by Giha Woo and Shingoeun

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The Front and Back by Giha Woo and Shingoeun

Here's some more information from the designers:

The Front & Back

Reinterpretation of the relationship between battery and clock. Behind the clocks, batteries always provide the power that allows clocks to work. Batteries summon up courage to demand more active relationship, willing to play the role of hands of a clock.

The Front and Back by Giha Woo and Shingoeun

The wrong objects

In The Ugly Duckling, the children’s story of H.C. Andersen, the reason for that an elegant cygnet among the ducklings was seemed to be more ugly than other ducklings is to estimate the appearance of cygnet under the formal standard of ducklings.

When seeing some object, we see it with the existed concept of the object’s form. If the image all people recall commonly when reminding of some special product category was ‘archetype’, the reason that a cygnet seemed too ugly in the group of ducklings may be beside the duckling’s archetype.

Archetype is started from the natural properties and functions of object and familiar to us because it has been exposed to us for a long time. But people feel unfamiliar to the strange things so when they see the objects which are against the order they have known, they may be under stress that the existing concepts arranged well are complicated.

And these objects may be the ugly ducklings who cannot gain people’s affections.

But, if there was some reason for the different appearance, if the design known by thr ugly duckling was the product of other archetype on acquaintance, and if it was the entirely new concept created, it will be more dramatic than the recovery of cygnet.

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  • Marko

    Nice…. btw what brand of batteries are those :)

    • i think so, too. this clock must has nocovering batteries.

  • Jake

    I'm only wondering how long will these tiny batteries last to constantly rotate something this heavy around. When will those so called designers learn to deliver something that really works?

  • Wonderful, really like it.

  • Hars

    Don’t care how unsexy the hours are, I still want them.

  • eugmir

    Very clever as a design exercise. I wonder how useful it actually is.

  • jjj

    I think it’s just a concept. Looks nice though!

  • pan

    Very nice and minimalistic.

    About the function: I´m sure there is a counter-weight opposite the battery, so it´s always in balance.

  • Kle

    Wouldn't the outer battery (the minutes) die before the inner one ? shouldn't they die in the same time ?

    • Yan

      Hi, no one said one battery per disk (even though it looks like it).

    • egoscape

      You can make a circuit which both batteries contiribute the same amount of energy

  • Lovely concept. What kills it for me is either a) the ugly batteries I'd have to stick in there, or 2) the hassle of finding pretty clean batteries. (2) probably isn't that bad, actually.

  • bahb

    Most batteries look like that if you peel the label off.

  • concrete

    Actually, I think batteries have a sort of funky 80’s look that wouldn’t look bad on this clock. But my local department store has some in opaque yellow too, with just a little + on it.

  • That’s real minimalism!

  • I think the concept is similar to Tokujin Yoshioka's "TO" watch designed for Issey Miyake and I don't find it original at all.

    • keeh

      You can’t completly understand this concept… you just find it in shape!

  • buzz2buzz

    Simply smart!

  • Umbram

    This is a bit too similar to Teruhiro Yanagihara's Put-it clock :