Dezeen's new comments system


Hello readers! Over the weekend we installed a new system for submitting and managing comments - scroll to the bottom of any story (including this one) to see it in action.

The Intense Debate system allows readers to log in using Twitter, Facebook and other popular networks, respond to comments by others and vote for their favourite (and least favourite) comments.

It also allows much better and easier social bookmarking, retweeting and more.

If you log in via a social network, you can gradually earn a reputation score based on the number of comments you post and the votes they get. We hope this will lead to a better level of debate and require less moderating by us, as readers with high reputation scores will be able to bypass the moderating process.

We hope you enjoy using it! Let us know if you spot any glitches or can think of any improvements. Please us the comments system below to tell us what you think.

Love from Dezeen.

See our comments policy here.

Posted on Monday July 26th 2010 at 11:21 am by . Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • Lovely work dezeen. I just signed up to Twitter to be a part of it.

  • Ah, a much needed upgrade!

    Now people can rate my witty comments.
    Though I think there should be a little hammer rather than a thumbs down :)

  • Now I need to watch my mouth…

  • Frank

    Like the overall idea, but you seem to have also changed some settings that previously allowed google reader to pick up images from your blog… Who actually reads the blog posts before seeing pretty pictures!? haha

  • tim

    I think that people are just using this comment system so far to mod down people they disagree with…

  • Keith Duddy

    In the process you seem to have turned off pictures within the summary RSS feed that goes to my google reader, making your feed look lifeless and uninteresting, so I don't know what's worth clicking through to have a closer look.

    Please take a look at how the blog looks in RSS readers now… I enjoy DeZeen, but will not visit unless the right content comes through the reader.


  • vepro knedlo

    please, turn the rss feed pictures on

  • Hi all, thanks for pointing out the issue with our feed images. It's not related to the new comments system but is probably a side effect of work we've been doing elsewhere on the site; we'll sort it out as soon as possible.

  • Not now please

    Yeah, yeah, yeah…I appreciate the opportunity of logging in via some service. But please could you make the forms, commend stream and buttons less ugly? I mean, you're dezeen damn.

  • Tanya Telford – T

    I have problems with my internet connection at present so I can't join in with the new coments system right now, (I hope to asap though),

  • PaulCB

    Always a joy to receive dezeenmail, esps the comments ;-0

  • gabs

    Love it!