Felt Follows Form by Hanan Kedmi


Felt Follows Form by Kedmi Hanan

Graduate designer Kedmi Hanan's Hanan Kedmi's jewellery pieces are made of computer components mounted in felt.

Felt Follows Form by Kedmi Hanan

Each piece features aluminium heat sinks, used to cool computer parts prone to overheating.

Felt Follows Form by Kedmi Hanan

Hanan Kedmi completed the project, called Felt Follows Form, while studying at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Israel.

Felt Follows Form by Kedmi Hanan

Here are some more details from Kedmi:

Felt Follows Form

In my final project I used heat sinks which are devices attached to computer parts that tend to get overheated.

Felt Follows Form by Kedmi Hanan

These parts are made mainly out of aluminium. Its form is created out of its function.

Felt Follows Form by Kedmi Hanan

I was looking for interesting ways in which to link the metal components and that is how I caught on to felting.

The combination between the cold high-tech heat sinks and the warm, ancient crafty and colourful felt fascinated and challenged me.

Felt Follows Form by Kedmi Hanan

Each piece is felted in a way that allows it to be made as one piece, the colorful heat sinks used as stones.

Felt Follows Form by Kedmi Hanan

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  • These components are safe to be used?
    Since we know that computers contain some dangerous materials…

  • Miss L

    Amazing sketch presentation!

  • Felix

    yeah those pages are amazing. they sell the designs so well

    I've never seen hebrew next to sketches before!

  • Itisme

    WoWWW :) I realy like it!

  • Nice concept. The felt softens the otherwise harsh and industrial feel of aluminum. Worth displaying at a jewelry shop. Problem is they are for display purposes only and cannot be worn as jewelry.

  • Ruzzi

    i want to see it on the finger !!
    very nice!

    kol hakavod!

  • ProZak

    @french1st Off course these elements are save to use. The harm full materials you talk about are mostly in the the chips. the cooling elements are mostly made aluminium and copper. But this was already in the article to.

    On the work i really like it. Especially the combination between the hard cooling fins and the soft felt. She really took the cooling elements from there original context. And saw them as beautiful, what they are. Only could show them a little more maybe. Because now they are really hidden.

  • Thank u very much for all the compliments. It is so nice to see that the project I've been working one for a long time is receiving such a good response. There r a few things that I want to make clear about the project since it is very important for me to read all the comments from people that never seen the it. So, my name is Hanan and I'm a male. about the project itself, one of the goals in my project was to make wearable Jewellery. You even can make the dishes with them because the more u use Soap and water on felt, the material becomes stronger. another thing is that the components as been written here already are not dangerous at all and you can wear it like any other material that is used for jewellery. the pictures displayed here are only a little part of the project and u can see more of it on my portfolio: http://www.hanankedmi.blogspot.com
    There u will be able to get more information and jewellery including how they look like on a finger.


  • Heel bijzondere ringen, ik zou ze willen dragen !!!
    Maar je mag dan wel niet met je vingers in het water…..

  • ZMM

    it is obvious that hanan kedmi is a real talent, his pieces are colourful and desired.