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Dezeen Watch Store

The first of our Dezeen Watch Store pop-up shops opens tomorrow at Skitsch as part of the London Design Festival, and our designers Zerofee have designed a free iPhone app featuring the store's clock identity.

The identity is a functioning 24-hour clock that changes shape and colour according to the time of day, time of year and geographical location of the user. See full details of the identity in our earlier story.

The get the app, visit on your iPhone and follow the on-screen instructions!

Our Dezeen Watch Store pop-ups are at:

Skitsch, 270 Brompton Road, London SW3 2AW from 18 to 26 September; and

The Tramshed, 32 Rivington Street, London EC2A 3WQ from 22 to 26 September.

See full details of the pop-ups and the watches we'll be showing here.

See our latest newsletter for information about all our London Design Festival activities.

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  • minime

    wow. this is great. except the time is wrong. seems like its 6hours ahead.

    • The hour hand shows 24 hours, so at midday it will be half way round

  • Why can't I have this on my HTC Desire? Seriously, where is the Android love? I was advised to get the Android over the iPhone because it's meant to be better and yet, all the evidence is to the contrary. I feel duped. And very, very sad.

  • Bruce

    the on-screen instructions: tap, and then select, add to home screen, do not work on my original iPhone.

  • like the display, lets see if it's really clear on the function

  • Olli

    I find it very confusing that the cycle indicates 24 hours. It would be way easier to read just relating the angle of the hours to a 12 hour cycle. Other than that, the visualization is fantastic, great job, guys!

  • Clocky

    It isn't an app, it's a link to a webpage from which you're asked to add a shortcut to your homepage. I imagined it might be an app that runs whilst the phone is in locked position.

    Nice graphical execution though ;)

  • like it, but it's not useful for me as i'm in another timezone so it gets pretty confusing when trying to figure out the real time. i like the graphic solution though.

    • The clock should show the correct time wherever you are in the world. The larger coloured disc shows the hours on a 24-hour cycle, ie when it's 12 noon it's a semi-circle and when it's midnight it's a full circle.