Punkt. DP 01 by Jasper Morrison


Punkt DP 01 by Jasper Morrison

London Design Festival 2010: at his shop in London this week Jasper Morrison presents this telephone he's designed for Swiss brand Punkt.

Punkt DP 01 by Jasper Morrison

Called Punkt. DP 01, the handset rests buttons-up in its cradle, meaning numbers can be dialled without lifting the receiver.

Punkt DP 01 by Jasper Morrison

A visual interface allows users to check answerphone messages without listening to the whole stored recording.

Punkt DP 01 by Jasper Morrison

The London Design Festival concludes tomorrow. See all our stories about the event here.

Punkt DP 01 by Jasper Morrison

The information below is from Punkt:

"I thought about the old telephone, lying face down on it's cradle, and asked myself if it wouldn't be better off the other way round, so you could see the screen and dial the number without picking it up." Jasper Morrison

Punkt. DP 01 truly incorporates the simplicity of a modern DECT phone that just does what a phone is supposed to do: phone calls. No frills and confusing ‚"advanced" functions: the DP 01 is only about easy communication through an outstanding designed phone that will catch everyone's eye in your home.

Punkt DP 01 by Jasper Morrison

Visual answering machine
Easily check for new messages using the visual interface by date; this enables you to select directly the messages you are interested in, without having to listen to the whole recorded time sequence.

100 Contacts
Memorize up to 100 entries in the contact list with 3 different numbers for each entry.

High quality audio
Enjoy all your conversations in a crystal clear audio quality.

Horizontal and vertical positioning
The clever design of the DP 01 enables you to decide its best positioning in your home: horizontally placed on a surface or vertically wall mounted.

Hands-free function
The handset is specifically designed to be stable on a flat surface, in order to let you have a convenient hands-free communication while being busy with some activity.

Ringtones composed by Scanner
A non-intrusive and particularly crisp set of sounds characterizes the DP 01 as a phone that softly integrates itself in any type of environment.

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  • no4cubic

    What's new?

  • Flying Dutchman

    Looks very 90's

  • HUA

    beautiful…but i wonder if the control panel is face up, there will be many dust, i'm used to get my phone upside down.

  • ber

    I agree, it looks dated and bulky.

  • Doug montgomery

    What? … You’re not allowed to criticise Jasper Morrisons work. He’s just providing solutions in an over-designed world right? The worlds crying out for another telephone a tiny bit different from the last one. Why, this has an upside down bit and everything. I used to lie awake over the problem of the orientation of my handset – design can save the world!

  • Gary

    I like it! if you look at a lot of the electrical items that Jasper designs, they all have a rounded-edge white plastic Star Wars thing going on, i think they're supposed to have a retro quality to them. This to me looks lke a piece of design that could be highly coveted in 50 years time… if they release them in Australia I'll buy one!

  • Patrick

    i like it. simple & minimized design. these days design/functionalities are too complicated. but DP01 looks nice.

  • Xit

    Weve all got mobile phones (iphones) thesedays and so the need for a homephone is in decline, I think Sam Hecht had a great answer for this when he designed the Muji spare phone

    As for the Jasper Morrison design here It seems 10 years to late, the cradle seems to over complicates the solution. Although he managed to get a bit of Sony brick phone in there :) http://krusekronicle.typepad.com/.a/6a00d83451b14

  • Anna

    For nearly 200 Euros it is quite expensive.
    The Designer Morrison does not justify this striking price.

    Also the buttons/ gaps will get dusty, after a holiday break…

    Nice but nothing special.
    Overpriced and overrated.

    A reply to Xit:
    the Sam Hecht design is anything else than functional – if you touch by any reason the of button which sticks out while phoning, the conversation is over. A design failure. Hechts phone looks nice, but is too much concept driven.