The Country Trainer by Jasper Morrison
for Camper


The Country Trainer by Jasper Morrison for Camper

London Design Festival 2010: British designer Jasper Morrison unveiled his design for footwear brand Camper at his east London shop last week.

The Country Trainer by Jasper Morrison for Camper

Called The Country Trainer, the design combines canvas with suede and is a reworking of the brand's first product from the late 1920s.

The Country Trainer by Jasper Morrison for Camper

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Here's some more information from Camper:

The collaboration between Jasper Morrison and Camper was born whilst discussing the shoemaker’s origins and the first shoe they ever sold, the Camaleon.

A practical shoe for the hard working Mallorcans of the late 1920s, the first version was a hand-stitched product made from tyre treads, canvas and cut-to-size hemp thread. Many developments later, Camper’s reinvention of the Camaleon was released in 1975. For a shoe company driven by progress it was a natural decision to want to update its first ever offering and thirty- five years later Jasper Morrison is the designer they chose to handle the task.

Renamed The Country Trainer, Morrison’s design retains the functional nature and simple spirit of the original model in a more contemporary and sporty shape. The combination of canvas fabrics with suede leather gives the shoe a discrete look in keeping with the designer’s language, whilst the unmistakable Ideal Stitching Construction provides Camper’s comfort ensuring maximum flexibility.

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  • zzzzz

    I want

  • zafar

    seems very comfortable nice!

  • bored…

    Old age pensioner's shoes. Do they come in 'putty' colour?

  • Gravy

    "…a more contemporary and sporty shape"?! What shape were the originals? Square?

  • nomane

    Camper & Jasper (the friendly ghost) just fu**** the traditional mallorquí rural shoe. If you ever got to Mallorca, don't forget to get a nice pair of traditional porqueras. Way cooler than these…

  • K-7

    Looks like something you might get in Clarkes

  • simplecommonsense

    come on guys, Jasper i thought your fashion sense was better, any £.3.- trainer looks nicer.

    furniture designer shouldn't do fashion, leave it to the fashion designers

  • Karoline64

    Everybody commenting on this entry that has a name starting with Z :
    Shoes are not made to be comfortable but to look sexy, as are architecture, design and fashion in general !

  • Nice cool shoes looks comfortable to wear..