Trent Vioro by STAD


Trent Vioro by STAD

A diagonal wall clad in copper plates partially hides the interior of this boutique in Tenjin Fukuoka, Japan, by Japanese architect Toru Shimokawa of STAD.

Trent Vioro by STAD

The copper pieces are sized to match those of the stone floor tiles, and will oxidise over time as a result of shoppers touching the surface.

Trent Vioro by STAD

Called Trent Vioro, the boutique is located inside a mall.

Trent Vioro by STAD

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Trent Vioro by STAD

The following information is from the architect:

Trent Vioro

Boutique in VIORO in Tenjin Fukuoka.

Client make me two contrary requests, one is open facade in order to invite guests and another is closed interior not to be seen from outside.

As a solution, We constructed the closed shop like wrapped up that has a wide opened facade with a hanging diagonal wall to the opposite angle that also meets fire department's requirements in shopping mall.

Trent Vioro by STAD

And this inclined facade wall crossing with elevator line made up a peculiar visual. The facade wall is covered with hundreds of copper sheets same size as the stone plates on the floor. Hundreds of copper sheets on the facade wall same size as the stone plates on the floor, going to lose lustre by touch of people who are interested in, and their color turns reddish-brown (It's only copper and bronze) by oxidation and corroding as time goes by.

Trent Vioro by STAD

By reason that TRENT has established shops on streets by this time, I intend to create their brand image by using materials such as copper, stones, concrete blocks and scaffold just like other TRENT shops been done.

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  • yousif

    a lovely interior with the use of many materials which gives a really nice experience to live in.

  • Felix

    mind your head

  • guy

    looks lovely. Actually the whole facade, not just where customers touch it, will evetually oxidise and may not look at good as they think, but still, copper is beautiful and they can always whip out the brasso.

  • amsam

    the peekaboo is very cool, and so easy to achieve– surprised to have not seen it before now. someone just had to have the idea. nice.