THREE packaging by Nendo


Three by Nendo

Japanese designers Nendo have designed stackable packaging for a range of products by Japanese cosmetics brand THREE.

Three by Nendo

The bottles have been designed to resemble blocks of stone that can be displayed together in any configuration.

Three by Nendo

The products can be displayed by stacking them in different ways.

Three by Nendo

Light and dark shades of grey distinguish the different products.

Three by Nendo

Photographs are by Masayuki Hayashi.

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Three by Nendo

Here's some more information from the designers:

We designed packaging design for Japanese cosmetic brand “THREE”

“THREE” designed by nendo / Design concept

The packaging design for cosmetics brand THREE. The brand name refers to the three keywords that describe THREE’s fundamental values: ‘natural, honest and creative’.

Three by Nendo

The brand honours the bounty of nature by using natural ingredients whenever possible. It is honest about its ingredients, allowing no genetically modified products, artificial scents or colours.

Three by Nendo

And it respects the creative generation of style that is free and unconstrained by existing attitudes.

Three by Nendo

Our motif for integrating these three core values into the packaging was the image of blocks carved from natural stone.

Three by Nendo

Blocks of stone are a natural material shaped patiently by human hand; stacked together, they become architecture, freely formed by human creativity and the attributes of the materials.

Three by Nendo

The final design for the products is a simple one that resembles a block of stone.

Three by Nendo

The different bottles can be stacked horizontally or vertically, and fit together perfectly, a pleasant surprise.

Three by Nendo

The rubber finish feels moist in the hand, and the edges are soft and rounded, as though worn away over time. These and other small, thoughtful touches make the products an unexpected delight to use.

Three by Nendo

We used two different warm shades of grey to distinguish between the skin care and makeup lines, but pared away all other design elements to the bare minimum to bring out the appeal of the products themselves.

Three by Nendo

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  • jed_

    they're only really stackable as much as anything cuboid is stackable. they look nice nonetheless.

  • Proportions are quite basic with soft lines and opaque colors. A very light design.

  • looks terrible to me. they've used minimal colours and shapes but the amount of the material they've wasted for the glass containers is abs ridiculous.

  • Merguez

    Hmmm. I like it, but I think the most difficult thing was to find a customer, who gives you the freedom to do it this way.

  • John

    looks like Issey Miyake

  • just wonder how japanese customers would pronounce this brand…

    • PITIC

      That would be "thlee" or "ree"

      Clean design nonetheless.

  • caslon

    from the front the bottles in first pic pretty much looks exactly like issey miyake perfume to me..

  • TeK

    looks slick, but why too much material wasted for such small quantity of product..??