William Light by Andrea Francesconi

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William light by Andrea Francesconi

This blown glass lamp fitted at the end of a rope is by Italian designer Andrea Francesconi.

William light by Andrea Francesconi

Called William Light, the product is made of glass and ceramic in two versions - one with an angled aperture to be sat on a surface and the other cut straight as a pendant lamp.

William light by Andrea Francesconi

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The following information is from the designer:

William born by the grip to translate a technical drawing in a true object through the unknown give by the blown of the glass. The proding was to propose an object both emotional and simple by its materials.

William light by Andrea Francesconi

Which could get a smartness across the plainness and the average of the processing of its materials. The lights are two different suspension lamp of blown glass and ceramic.

William light by Andrea Francesconi

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  • agaisagata

    Vessel series knock off…? Why is the electrical cord wrapped around the outside of the rope instead of being inside? The rope glass combination is nice, but I think there should be more attention to detail.