Clockwork Snow by Tjep.


Clockwork Snow by Tjep.

It's four weeks to Christmas... so here are some images of a Christmas window display by Dutch designers Tjep. for a department store in Milan, Italy.

Clockwork Snow by Tjep.

Called Clockwork Snow, the installation features a winged heart in the middle of a show window, whilst cogs attached to rods appear to fall like snowflakes around it.

Clockwork Snow by Tjep.

The piece was created for La Rinascente on Milan's Piazza Duomo.

Clockwork Snow by Tjep.

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Here's a tiny bit of text from the designers:

Clockwork Snow

Mechanical gears seem to drop from heaven like icy snowflakes, crystallizing into a magical machine frozen in time. The gears represent our rational world, but here they transcend the purely utilitarian to become a romantic, haunting dream.

Clockwork Snow by Tjep.

Tjep. was invited amongst six other international artists and designers to create a Christmas window for Italy's most famous department store: La Rinascente on Piazza Duomo in Milano.

Clockwork Snow by Tjep.

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  • Matt

    Beautiful – but how much more beautiful would it be if it worked?

  • Guest

    Nice details! Beautiful Christmas window. I love the angle wings.

  • what it doesn't work???