House by Studio Architecture Gestalten


House by studio architecture GESTALTEN

This little titanium zinc-clad house in Melbourne is by Australian Studio Architecture Gestalten.

House by studio architecture GESTALTEN

The house sits on a strip of land 40 metres deep and six metres wide, with large glazed panels at either end.

House by studio architecture GESTALTEN

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House by studio architecture GESTALTEN

Photographs are by Markus Weber.

Here's a little bit of information from the architects:

Launch of iconic Townhouse project - Windsor, Melbourne Australia

studio architecture GESTALTEN this week announced the completion of its latest project – a boutique townhouse situated in Windsor – an inner city suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

House by studio architecture GESTALTEN

The zinc-clad building is already attracting much attention and will be the first stop on a popular local tour of significant Melbourne architecture to be held in December 2010.

House by studio architecture GESTALTEN

Erected on an unusually narrow lot six metres wide and forty metres deep, the shell – façade and roof of the building - with its monolithic appearance, is made out of titanium- zinc from Rheinzink.

House by studio architecture GESTALTEN

This low maintenance fully recyclable environmentally friendly material has a lifespan exceeding hundred years.

House by studio architecture GESTALTEN

The studio took a contextual approach to the concept and design development according to design architect Günter Gerlach.

House by studio architecture GESTALTEN

“Rather than be concerned with the program we have given priorities to place, structure and shell,” he said.

House by studio architecture GESTALTEN

The two-storey building is not a standard type. Structure, form and materialization are in a reciprocal dialogue between context and architectural object.

House by studio architecture GESTALTEN

The supporting structure corresponds with the topographical conditions of the place. The steel skeleton structure provides the required maximum space as well as flexibility for the spatial concept.

House by studio architecture GESTALTEN

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Posted on Tuesday December 7th 2010 at 8:08 pm by Catherine Warmann. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • Gravy

    It bothers me that there is no television set sitting on what looks like a media table next to the raised electrical outlets. Is owning a TV something to hide?

    Beautifully detailed home, in any case.

  • WOW,I like it. Some people don't like modern architectu­re, I get it, you feel it looks cold and chachka doesn't look good in it. The house is it's own decoration­; It is art that you live in.

  • MichaelW

    Nice from the outside, but I am not so sure about the inside!!

  • nofelix

    exterior photos don't show any context, fail

  • The building works for me living in Melbourne knowing the street and surrounds of Windsor. This is a suburb of new and older buildings blending into the mix. It does fit into the streetscape, perhaps more so when garden more established. Interior seems empty, but it is, as it has only just been completed and dressed up a little for the photos. Cutting edge design.

  • mcmlxix

    Mixed feelings.

    First it's a challenging lot which I think it's handles in interesting but I'm uncertain if an entirely successful way.

    The exterior screams vernacular, and while I'm unsure of the context, I presume it will make a nice neighbor.

    The interior is where I lose it. It give the impression of being a modular home…and I mean that in a trailer park sense. The flooring makes a cold space colder.

    And again, the furniture…sure it's probably for show, but why are the masters abused so? When will these designs debut at a Target near you?

  • Cam