Renovation Bruges by Atelier Tom Vanhee


Renovation Bruges by ROOM & ROOM

Belgian studio Atelier Tom Vanhee opened this apartment in a listed Bruges building to the attic above, then opened the attic to the sky.

Renovation Bruges by ROOM & ROOM

The attic floor has been removed, exposing the existing wooden roof structure and doubling the height of the living space.

Renovation Bruges by ROOM & ROOM

Glazed roof panels inserted between the original structure and neighbouring building admit light to the deep spaces.

Renovation Bruges by ROOM & ROOM

The kitchen is concealed behind pale wooden panelling, while the living area centres around a triangular chimney breast.

Renovation Bruges by ROOM & ROOM

The listed building houses a pharmacy on the lower floors and a family home at the very top.

Renovation Bruges by ROOM & ROOM

The following information is from the architects:

Renovation Bruges (Brugge) - Renovation of a listed building in the historical centre of Bruges

In the shadow of the cathedral the protected building is since the 17th century pharmacy and a home.

Renovation Bruges by ROOM & ROOM

Expand wishes for the pharmacy made looking to expand the house. To connect the adjoining apartment to the attic floor offers the solution. Intensive discussions with the service heritage results in a integration into the sensitive historic urban texture.

Renovation Bruges by ROOM & ROOM

Shed roofs are connecting the bays of the historical roof trusses with the side lying flat. They bring light and space in the heart of the new house.

Renovation Bruges by ROOM & ROOM

The support functions of the house are grouped in the former apartment. This makes the attic fully opened and the trusses are restored to their value as defining elements in the space.

Renovation Bruges by ROOM & ROOM

Two contemporary sink dormer give the house a new identity restored. They open the closeness of the attic without compromising the historical character of the city.

Renovation Bruges by ROOM & ROOM

Atelier Tom Vanhee, architecture and urban planning

Renovation Bruges by ROOM & ROOM

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  • neko

    nice space – great balance of old and new.

    bruges is a beautiful little town.

  • tim

    Sexy as hell, good work. How much does it cost to make something like this?

  • bubble

    very generic, everything seems to be there to make it special; different materials, nice city, but the result somehow fails. it is not nice, not bad, it is somehow indifferent to place, to clients, just boring, generic.

  • Guy

    I tend to agree with bubble, it doesn't really work and there certainly isn't 'a balance between old and new', the old looks out of kilter

  • timmy

    where is the bathroom unit from?

    how much was the overall budget!


  • Tom

    We designed the bathroom unit ourselves. The execution of it is made by

  • What a building! That is arguably the sexiest rennovation I have ever seen. I really love Bruges and I think you have done justice to one of its stunning old buildings here :)