Food and Design videos: Gitta Gschwendtner


In this short interview we conducted as part of our Food and Design report for luxury kitchen appliances brand Scholtès, German designer Gitta Gschwendtner talks about her conceptual Drawer Kitchen, which integrates kitchen furniture with domestic storage.

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The interview is one of ten we made in Milan earlier this year to accompany the report. See all the interviews here.

Food and Design is a major trends investigation into the cross-over between the worlds of food and design. It was commissioned by luxury kitchen appliances brand Scholtès.

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  • esole

    it looks good but but what do you mean?how the hell does that connect to dinning??? if anything its just annoying..

  • Booh

    … If you were listening. It doesn't connect directly to dining, but the layout of kitchens and their integration with other spaces. She was envisioning a kitchen that would/could function as both a food prep area, as well as storage for a living area/dining room. I think that concept would work rather well in apartment living, I love cooking with my friends but we always crowd into the kitchen where we're cooking or making drinks. Why not crowd around the kitchen AND the living room at the same time! Genius.