Hanging by Rita Botelho


Hanging by Rita Botelho

Product and jewellery designer Rita Botelho has created a series of earrings featuring tiny figurines, including this one in rock-climbing gear.

Hanging by Rita Botelho

Called Hanging, the pieces are made of wire with little figurines attached that appear to be climbing up or resting against the metal wire.

Hanging by Rita Botelho

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Hanging by Rita Botelho

Here's a tiny bit of text from Botelho:

Name: Hanging
Typology: Earrings


Hanging is a collection of earrings which takes advantage of a silver wire hook as the main element to tell a story. By using miniature figures hung on the wire, it becomes possible to create imaginary scenarios, where for instance, a climber uses a rope to ascend, or a sportsperson uses a pole to rest.

Hanging by Rita Botelho


Silver wire
Miniature figures

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  • kublikhan

    Great for that "dirt bag" hippie chick rock climbing babe or your park avenue social climber!

  • felix

    how can such a great idea not be taken much further!? oh god the possibilities, I can think of like ten different versions just off the top of my head:

    kid with balloon
    action hero with grappling hook
    monkey on a vine
    nerd dangling from a pc mouse
    spiderman with some web
    man fishing for ears
    cowboy with a lassoo
    scuba diver with a speargun
    kid doing a yo-yo trick
    and er… man hanging himself!

  • Alex

    These are ace! Where are they stocked?

  • mcmlxix

    In my high school punk days, I used to put safety pins and paperclips through my earlobes too. I never hung toys off of them though. I guess I just didn't have vision.