Hippo and Potamus by Mia Gammelgaard
for Blå Station

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Hippo by Mia Gammelgaard for Bla Station

Stockholm 2011: designer Mia Gammelgaard of Copenhagen showed this wooden chair with leg warmers for Swedish firm Blå Station at Stockholm Furniture Fair last week.

Hippo by Mia Gammelgaard for Bla Station

Alongside the Hippo chair Gammelgaard launched a matching three-legged table named Potamus.

Hippo by Mia Gammelgaard for Bla Station

Blå Station ran a competition to design leg warmers for the chair, voted for by visitors to their stand at the fair.

Linnéa Regnlund's winning leg-warmer design is shown in the image above.

Hippo by Mia Gammelgaard for Bla Station

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Hippo by Mia Gammelgaard for Bla Station

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Hippo by Mia Gammelgaard for Bla Station

Here's some more information from Blå Station:

Hippo & Potamus

Design: Mia Gammelgaard 2O1O A new friend in wood. Rounded lines that are friendly and welcoming, Hippo, is a wooden chair that takes the distinctive lines of a traditional Swedish stick-back chair and adds a generous helping of light- hearted modernity.

Hippo by Mia Gammelgaard for Bla Station

Hippo balances between the graceful poise of a ballerina and the strength and stability of a hippopotamus.

Hippo by Mia Gammelgaard for Bla Station

It was first shown at the Danish Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition, “White-Out” in Copenhagen on 29 October 2010.

Hippo by Mia Gammelgaard for Bla Station

The table Potamus, is presented for the first time at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011.

Hippo by Mia Gammelgaard for Bla Station

The table is the perfect partner for Hippo chair and can be used in, for example, cafés or restaurant settings.

Hippo by Mia Gammelgaard for Bla Station

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Posted on Thursday, February 17th, 2011 at 3:03 pm by Catherine Warmann. See our copyright policy. Before commenting, please read our comments policy.

  • Flying Dutchman

    I hate legwarmers!

    On people and chairs.


  • andrea

    Please.. really.. stop designing chairs.. basic design has been defined since the middleage, is there really need to throw out there 25 chair designs each month? try something harder.. like a wardrobe, or a library unit… thanks

    • nofelix

      nothing wrong with coming up with new ideas, many excellent variations on chairs have been designed, which provide better comfort, cost, durability, visual interest etc. than before. if people want to attempt another improvement who are we to say they shouldn't try?

  • Enri

    I think the chair is good enought without the legwarmers!
    There is no point of them…

  • truthnbeauty

    How about a sexy 'thong' for the seat, too?…………or some stilettos for the feet?

  • Young

    leg warmer for chairs? is that necessary? or does that look good? functional? humorous? what the hell? whats the point? just kidding?? is it kind of fancy trend among chair designers?

    • Joy

      Customizing a chair is a positive way to encourage people to have emotional attachments with an otherwise 'cold' object from mass production, in my opeion the legwarmer is adding another dimensions to the product where you can personalize it with your own craft, it is not only decoration, it also contributes to the product longevity when the personalization can go a bit further..

      can people not be so objective please? pure modernism just doesn't suit everybody, especially we are in a time that we all want something that is unique and reflect our individuality.

  • http://www.jukkakalliomaki.com Joe

    Is decoration coming back? Nice way to variate chairs but again it is only decoration…