Whiteness by Julia Krantz


Whiteness by Julia Krantz

Fashion designer Julia Krantz of Sweden has created this costume for a fictional guerrilla protestor.

Whiteness by Julia Krantz

Called Whiteness, the project mixes fashion, photography and graphic design to create a series of images centred on a figure protected by loops of armour.

Whiteness by Julia Krantz

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Whiteness by Julia Krantz

Photography and styling is by Garri Frischer.

Whiteness by Julia Krantz

The information that follows is from Krantz:


Using elements of fashion, photography and graphic design, Whiteness celebrates magnificent people in times of popular uprisings and digital revolution. Our view on power and information has changed while true greatness still lies in the hands of man's courage and inner longings.

Whiteness by Julia Krantz

The guerrilla acts out of will power, not social convention and is therefore always wide awake. She is her absolute greatest and most luminous self.

Whiteness by Julia Krantz

A shemagh is tied in eight steps. Whiteness is some people's ability to, despite their vulnerability follow their own path.

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  • George

    WHAT!!?? How about brightness? Is this not ignorant? I think this overarching metaphor digs itself a serious hole before it can even defend itself, no?

  • bubble

    Protest is about expressing your disagreement or opinion that diverges with the party that is protested against. What is this costume's message? I am from the mad house and forgot my paints/skirt. It is so dissapinting when so many "designers" waste their time on designing such items when their time could be used on truly important issues.

  • wpgmb

    not sure if that can stop fictional rubber bullets.

  • Doesn’t seem to protect you from being beaten to shreds by pigs, but my god the blood splatter will look fabulous on white!

  • anonymous

    It would appear that the shoulders are the only body part in need of protection. This designer doesn't seem to have ever been involved in a "guerilla protest." The design could also be interpreted as demeaning people involved in serious meaningful protest. Maybe the designer is protesting real protest.

  • felix

    high heels!?

    isn't guerrilla protestor an oxymoron? Guerrilla warfare is about stealth and mobility, wheras protesting is about visibility and habitation of space. Maybe if the protestor was using installations you could combine the two ideas, much like the real guerrilla lays traps.

    The armour doesn't seem so bad to be honest. Protestors aren't going to be as fit as soldiers, so their protection should be more lightweight. Overheating is also a problem, so something that makes a ventilation gap between you and other bodies is good. Take off the high heels, give some wrist and knee protection and you're nearing a workable design.

  • Felix, I think that your trying too hard to be positive. I know that it is easier to be negative, but truthfully this could be the worst idea that I have ever seen.