Piana by David Chipperfield for Alessi


Piana by David Chipperfield for Alessi

Milan 2011: Italian design company Alessi will present this folding chair by British architect David Chipperfield in Milan next month.

Piana by David Chipperfield for Alessi

Called Piana, the chair is manufactured from 100% recycled polypropylene and rotates around a single point held by two screws.

Piana by David Chipperfield for Alessi

It is available in six colours: white, raspberry red, saffron yellow, patina green, traffic black and pebble grey.

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The information below is from Alessi:

Alessi will be presenting a new project designed by British architect David Chipperfield.

The "Piana" chair is a totally unique new product for Alessi, and is a new folding and stackable chair produced under license with Parma based company Lamm.

The display, also conceived by Chipperfield, will turn the new space on Via Manzoni, into a vibrant showcase of quality Italian design.

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  • Kerby

    I'm not so sure the sketches shown were a pivotal part of the creation.

  • Crackerjack

    That's pretty chipper! 3/4 view please.

  • Fred

    The title should be : "Plia" by Giancarlo Piretti for Castelli.

  • poor, the only innovation is the architects name: ref. plia by giancarlo piretti 1969 for Castelli spa

  • Jakob

    I write this whilst sitting in my own bright yellow framed Plia! I like it, it is really nice reworking of the Plia, paying homage to it yet clearly different – note the development in material usage and the legs. A good job done. Crackerjack is right though a 3/4 view would be good and would hopefully show a circular bum-seat similar to the Plias.

  • galessa

    Clearly a redesign of the Plia concept, but a whole different design. They look good.

  • ghostenhoff

    Total rip-off of Castelli Plia chair.