SN.House by atelierA5


SN.House by atelierA5

Japanese architects atelierA5 have completed this four-storey house in Tokyo enclosed by a perforated metal screen.

SN.House by atelierA5

The SN. House is located on a narrow side street in a dense residential area of the city.

SN.House by atelierA5

The first two storeys are screened by perforated metal sheets, which form the entrance hall and service corridor on the ground floor.

SN.House by atelierA5

The roof of the service corridor creates a terrace for the first floor living space.

SN.House by atelierA5

The  top two floors are set back to adhere to local regulations and create terraces for each level.

SN.House by atelierA5

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Photographs are by Ken’ichi Suzuki Photography Studio.

The following is from the architect:

SN. House by atelierA5

SN. House is located in a dense residential area in Tokyo. The building site is 80 m2 big facing to a narrow side street. To use a small site like this in an effective way it was important to consider the way of placing a building volume in the site. If the distance between the outside wall and the site boundary is narrow it produces an unusable gap. If the distance is wide enough the outside space can be useful but it reduces the inside space.

Our focus for the design was to create an optimal living condition and maximal usable areas within a small site by redefining the relation between the outside walls and the site boundary.

SN.House by atelierA5

In order to keep the privacy for the ground floor and the 1st floor we encased the site with a two storey high screen on the site border instead of having a big distance to the neighbors and lose too much area.

This screen is made of punched metal sheets creating a semi-interior space by keeping a little distance to the actual building. The semi-interior space on the ground floor is used as an entrance hall and a service corridor covered with a steel-grating roof. The roof is the terrace of the 1st floor, which extends the space of the living room. The combination of the screen with the semi-interior space brings not only privacy but also filtered sunlight, wind and views. The outside walls of the 2nd and penthouse were set back, so that it created nice terraces for each floor and solved strict setback regulations at the same time.

SN.House by atelierA5

Architect: Sadahiro Shimizu, Masatoshi Matsuzaki, Yuko Shimizu /atelier A5

SN.House by atelierA5

Structural planning: Hayata Matou

SN.House by atelierA5

Location: Minamikarasuyama Setagaya-ku Tokyo Japan

SN.House by atelierA5

Completion year: 2010

SN.House by atelierA5

Total area

  • site area; 80.30sqm
  • building area; 47.99sqm
  • total floor area; 126.61sqm

Structure: Wood Structure

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  • .aa

    no offense but the ground floor seems like a jail to me

  • seano

    Sterile, sterile, sterile – what is it with the Japanese.
    Did the home-owners actually ask for a stack of cargo containers with a prison-like ethos??
    Yesterdays featured home in Peru was a gorgeous example of how to be minimalist and inviting at the same time – a home designed for people to really live in.

  • kumakuma

    you guys must be joking, this is a fantastic response to the japanese urban residential context and the spaces are very well executed. one thing that must be understood is that there's no furniture or people in it yet.

  • halllloooo

    I'm not a fan of the ultra-white modernism of japanese architecture but I appreciate it. different cultures and societies desire different spatial conditions and we should respect that rather than saying that THIS works and THIS doesn't.

  • teefs

    I think it's much better from the inside than from the outside. The black sheeting does look somewhat reminiscent of detention centres. I wouldn't want it next door to me in my street (and yes, I'm an architect). It's all about making the maximum use of the site and entirely lacks the quality of being an attractive object.

  • Security should not be a problem here!