Touch Lamp Vase by Roger Arquer for Bosa


Touch Lamp Vase by Roger Arquer for Bosa

Milan 2011: London designer Roger Arquer has designed these lamps which are operated by touching the flowers in the adjoining vase, presented in Milan earlier this month by design brand Bosa.

Touch Lamp Vase by Roger Arquer for Bosa

Using touch sensitive technology the Touch Lamp Vase is operated by the flowers in the vase.

Touch Lamp Vase by Roger Arquer for Bosa

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Touch Lamp Vase by Roger Arquer for Bosa

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The following is from the designers:

Touch Lamp Vase for Bosa by Roger Arquer Studio:

This piece has been launched at the Salone di Mobile, Milano 2011.
Touch is an hybrid between a lamp and a flower base. The flowers work as a switch for the light: when touched, the light goes on or off.

Touch Lamp Vase by Roger Arquer for Bosa

Touch invites you to a playful experience combining water with light, yet being 100% safe. Touch sensitive technology is being used here, while the high content of water on the flowers makes them conductive and sensitive when touched. This piece will add an accent of colour as an ambient light. It can be placed in restaurants, hotel rooms, lobbies, home entrance or hallway...

The vessel is made of one entire ceramic piece. The lampshade is made of fabric. Electricity runs on 12V. The water can be easily replaced when need it.

Touch Lamp Vase by Roger Arquer for Bosa

Roger Arquer. Born in Barcelona in 1975, Roger Arquer graduated from ESDI (Escola Superior de Disseny Industrial, Sabadell) in 1998. Soon after graduating, he moved to New York, where he worked for several designers and artists. In 2003, he 
moved to London to attend an MA in Design Products at the Royal College of 
Art (2003-2005).

He opened his studio in London in 2005 and since then has 
worked for companies such as Royal VKB, Eno, Thorsten Van Elten and Mathmos. He teaches at Central Saint Martin’s and in Camberwell.

Arquer is interested in how quotidian objects have the capacity to give us pleasure as we use them, "good designs have that extraordinary power of making life easier and more enjoyable".
His work has been exhibited around the world, from Milano to Tokyo and his native Barcelona.

  • Great idea!

  • Indeed it's a safe combination! Water + Light…

    What about the flowers who's playing the switch? How long they resiste to this game? It doesn't matter, they are just flowers… who cares!!!

    • mariano

      She's such a good actress the flower who's playing the switch. She should get an oscar!

  • That is really cool and so pretty!!!

  • Sabir

    Technically interesting but I wouldn’t like to have one :(