Dezeen Screen: Cultural Centre in Tirana by BIG


Dezeen Screen: Cultural Centre in Tirana by BIG

Dezeen Screen: new to our movie site Dezeen Screen is this movie by Bjarke Ingels Group that explains their competition-winning design for a mosque, Islamic centre and museum in Tirana, Albania. Watch the movie »

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  • I'm amazed of how architecture is becoming more and more boring, and I really can't get the concept here, nore why those forms or even the windows/apertures.
    I think that al least religious buildings deserve a little bit more attention and not only the usual "building as a scheme" concept..those are the kind of buildings that are supposed to survive for centuries..
    Have BIG ever heard about the Blue Mosque, or the Jama Masjid? I think not.
    I'm not saying that a mosque (or even a church a synagogue a temple, whatever) today should (or must) look as the ones from the past, but simply creating a square directed to the Mecca, and then twisting the volumes according to that direction doesn't make a hotel a mosque..

  • Leo

    Extremly well put @klauszoia,
    There is something extremly shell-like about these type of buildings. What happended to caves, narrow spaces, quirky stuff or just architecture that focuses on fanstastic relations instead of envelope.

    Thanks for the mosques!


  • yuc

    I am corious about the jury members who voted for this project. I wonder if they have real ties with the life that is the subject of this design?

    I wonder it because it seems like they don't really want the mosque, but it comes in the package. This mosque is definetely unacceptable "for all", even for a few, because it is designed as a dark, dangeon. It may well be the temple for the worshippers of Ares.

    May God protect any society from such rootlessness. Amen!