Dezeen’s top ten: cars


top ten cars

Following the popularity of our story about the C-X75 by Jaguar last week, we've gathered together our ten most popular stories featuring cars.

top ten car

In first place is GINA Light Visionary Model by BMW, a fabric-covered car with an articulated frame underneath.

top ten car

Second place goes to the BMW Art Car by Jeff Koons.

top ten car

More from BMW: Vision EfficientDynamics with its wing-like doors comes in third place.

top ten car

Mutation, the spaceship designed for Citroën by Ora-Ïto and shown in Milan last month, is at number four.

top ten car

The battery-powered electric car Peapod by Chrysler comes as five.

top ten car

Number six is the Hypnos by Citroën.

top ten car

Our seventh most popular car story is about Cygnet by Aston Martin, a luxury compact city car.

top ten cars

The smallest four-seater car on the market, iQ by Toyota, is our eighth most popular car story.

top ten car

Our most recent car story on the C-X75 by Jaguar, which was at Clerkenwell Design Week, comes ninth.

top ten car

And we conclude our top ten stories about cars with the  MINI Rocketman Concept.

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We’ll be back with another top ten next month.

Posted on Tuesday May 31st 2011 at 7:20 pm by Zahra Rajaei. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • There's just something wrong with the headlights on the mini cooper :(

  • stef

    But not as much as all the citroen designs. Went to their showroom in december in paris at the champs de elysees (or something) man they do know how to make basically pretty nice designs very ugly

  • Cyllion

    The Aston Martin and the Toyota are almost the same!

  • Bill

    Okay so the iQ and the aston martin are the same car with different finishes, the first three plus the mini are all BMW, some wacky Citroën designs and a god awful Chrysler, not the greatest list. surely there must be some other way to quantify popularity other than page views?

  • Koo

    number 7 and 8 are virtually same cars with few cosmetic differences

  • Number one (BMW Concept) looks like a cat, except what in God's name is that gap in the bonnet?

  • What a beautiful collection of cars. I’m not a fan of the Peapod though – I have yet to see a really cool-looking electric car. Actually, the GINA Light Visionary Model by BMW looks slightly odd as well. What is the slit in the middle of the hood for? What happens when it rains? How is the rainwater filtered out? I know BMW’s car design is usually better than the quality of the car (remember the swirl flaps?) but this car may not be one of them.