McKinsey & Company Hong Kong Office by OMA


McKinsey & Company Hong Kong Office by OMA

OMA have completed this office interior in Hong Kong for management consultancy McKinsey & Company.

McKinsey & Company Hong Kong Office by OMA

The reception area is finished in timber, with tree patterns carved into the walls.

McKinsey & Company Hong Kong Office by OMA

The open-plan office has desks interspersed with glass telephone booths that glow either orange or red, depending on whether or not they are vacant.

McKinsey & Company Hong Kong Office by OMA

Photography is by Philippe Ruault.

McKinsey & Company Hong Kong Office by OMA

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The following details are from OMA:

McKinsey & Company Hong Kong Office

The design by OMA for the new McKinsey & Company Hong Kong office caters to the consulting firm’s need for a more intimate space that offers a greater sense of collaboration and community. McKinsey confronted OMA with a design question: How to rethink their work space in a way that is innovative and enhances the McKinsey experience?

The new office plan draws inspiration from the black bands on a universal barcode. Different functional spaces are organized in a set of horizontal bands arranged across the office. This design deviates from the traditional corporate office by emphasizing openness yet allowing for confidentiality where needed. Each band respectively accommodates rooms for partners, research teams, staff and clients. Rooms are no longer isolated cubicles solely occupied by one person, but rather a space that different staff members can share depending on their needs. Double glazed glass walls enhance the openness of the office while providing the levels of privacy that the client needs.

The band above the curved bay overlooking prosperous Central employs an open plan for both traveling consultants and some of the full time Hong Kong staff. The traveling consultant can choose where to sit when in town, while Hong Kong based staff have permanent seating. Flexible seating encourages efficient utilization of office space while accommodating the needs of a highly mobile consulting staff. The openness of the area also encourages interaction among the staff, echoing the spirit of teamwork that is central to how McKinsey works internally, as well as with clients.

The central band, with common areas for staff of all levels, is dedicated to promoting interaction between all staff members and cultivating a stronger sense of belonging. The warm wood of the reception area, fashioned into a playful tree pattern, welcomes visitors as they step into the office. This tree pattern extends into the office, suffusing the main work area with a strong hint of nature. The lounge at the eastern end of the central band, boasting a stunning view of Victoria Harbour, offers the best location for McKinsey Home Fridays. This monthly event gathers the frequent travelling and the Hong Kong based staff to share their experiences as a unified office. During regular work days, the staff can bring their laptop to the lounge and work while enjoying the Harbour view. At the other end of the central band is the Quiet Area, a secluded corner for contemplation or rest.

With staff sitting mostly in open areas, a feature of the new design is the addition of several dedicated spots for private conversations. Four circular glass telephone booths are located throughout the open area and lounge for this purpose. The phone booths glow red or orange depending on their vacancy. The colors not only add life to the neutral palette of the office, but also serve the functional purpose of letting staff know when a booth is available. A larger phone booth is provided for conference calls requiring more space for participants.

The new McKinsey & Company Hong Kong office accommodates the needs for both privacy and interaction, promoting efficiency in terms of the use of space while boosting staff productivity as well as their sense of community.

Project: McKinsey & Company Hong Kong Office
Status: Construction. Completion: May 2011
Client: McKinsey & Company
Cost: N/A
Location: Hong Kong
Site: 40/F, ICBC Tower, Citibank Plaza, 3 Garden Road Central, Hong Kong
Program: Offices

Partner in charge: David Gianotten
Project Architect: Alejandra Blanco Ackerman
Design Team: Karbi Chan, Yin Ho, Michael Kokora, Katja Lam, Mike Lim, Ted Lin, Catherine Ng, Jesung Park, Elaine Tsui, Patrizia Zobernig

Main Contractor: EDM Construction Ltd.
Acoustic Consultant: Shen Milsom & Wilke Ltd.
Furniture: EDM Construction Ltd., USM, Herman Miller
MEP Consultant: Ferrier Chan & Partners
Electrical Works: Cheung Hing E&M Ltd.
Plumbing & Drainage, MVAC Works: The Great Eagle Engineering Co. Ltd.
Fire Services: Keysen Engineering Co. Ltd.
Security Consultant: Chubb Hong Kong Ltd.
AV Consultant: Ultra Active Technology Ltd.

  • Greenish

    This is surprisingly boring. Are there more exciting images they're not showing us?

  • Oliv

    Dude what is so special about this space seriously ?

    Is it the “The open-plan office has desks interspersed with glass telephone booths that glow either orange or red” ???

    So disappointed such a thing from OMA…

  • EEH

    What happened to OMA? One of the most underwhelming project that I have seen coming out of the office. Perhaps the photos dont do it justice? Any drawings for the project?

  • hairpiece

    Wow…this is kind of dull. Are things really this slow over at OMA?

  • Goose 2

    I think this is actually a pretty cool scheme, and fit for purpose. Lots of subtle but conscious decisions have been made about services – lighting in particular, finishes and the overall atmosphere of the scheme. Just because it isn't 'crazy crazy' like a lot of the junk that appears on this website does not mean its a bad scheme. Far from it in fact and I commend OMA for their lightness of touch on this project. Sometimes the understated is the hardest thing to do!

  • Remsey

    The office space is nice! brings the dynamics of central into the office. I've been working in corporate office in hk for so long. This is something new for me…

  • pedrogadanho

    How low can you go?

  • tmsa

    Funny to see an oma design with a maybe a more modest budget than they are used to getting.

  • Context

    Dull? Did you look carefully and look at the details of the pictures? Do you know how most corporate offices look in HK?
    Maybe not fully completed in thinking yet, but rather extreme within the standard of the context…

    The good think about OMA is that the reinvent and change all the time. Small and large scale; in times of prosperity and in times of dispare.

  • Paul

    McKinsey is not Google

  • Jacky

    They basically turned the Mc Kinsey office into the office of an dull corporate architecture firm, strange that OMA would even be interested in doing this.

  • jean grey

    maybe the client is boring?